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I’ve hit a block and I need to attract more website traffic ASAP.

Anyone who knows about The Worditude Club and was likely to join has joined already.

My existing tribe of eager supporters have taken up their places as Wordidudes.

Now I need to find myself some new people.

Until now, my fairly haphazard, sporadic marketing activities have been all that was needed to secure a steady stream of copywriting and content marketing clients.

Now my business model has changed from 1-1 to 1-many, my marketing strategy needs to do the same.

My initial plan was to do all this work behind closed doors, then in six months time publish a single blog post about what worked and the success I’ve had.

And then I realised, I’m not about success stories. I’m all about the journey, the struggles, the troubles and the triumphs. What’s the fun in reporting after the event? It’ll be much more entertaining for me to give you a running commentary with monthly updates and a big round-up post at the end.

So what seems to be the trouble?

Until now my website has been a place to send people to explain who I am, what I do, and how I can help them. This website isn’t designed to attract traffic, but rather act as a menu of services for interested persons who are checking me out. Minimal effort on social media was all that was needed to keep me booked up with 1-1 clients. And I loathed to get more attention, as I hate turning clients away - so I stayed relatively quiet, terribly inconsistent and things ticked over quite nicely.

Now I have a membership club, I’m ready to serve many more people than I could handle previously. Which means I am ready to get in front of a much bigger audience.

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If you’ve launched a course, program or membership offering but been disappointed by your sales, you could be facing the same problem. The good news is, you can stop blaming your product. The bad news is, you, like me, have got your work cut out.

How I plan to get more website visitors

Instead of enthusiastically bashing out new content for my existing audience, I’m focussing my efforts on drawing in more traffic from new sources. Most of my new content will be created with the intention of encouraging traffic from one of these sources.

Over the next six months I’ll be focussing on:
* PR and guest posting opportunities (with help from Rebecca Miller).
* Posting regularly and thoughtfully on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (with help from Nadine Rohner).
* Drawing search engine traffic with keyword optimized blog posts - new content and upgrading existing posts.
* Collaborating with other business owners who serve the same or a similar audience.
* Using Facebook Ads a little more cleverly than I have before (with help from Caroline Wood).

I’m also writing up a Post Publishing Promo Process to complete every time I create a new blog or guest post, to make sure I am getting as many eyeballs on that content as I can.

Bit of a headstart

I’m in Nadia Finer‘s Profit Pack and she’s running a challenge in August to do one thing every single day of the month. I’d made my ‘One Thing’ a commitment to contact one new influencer every single day. That could be someone I could collaborate with, someone who might promote The Worditude Club as an affiliate, a place I could guest post….anyone who has the potential to help me reach a new audience. Nine days in and I’ve already made contact with 10 people, which will hopefully help me grow my audience over the next few months.

What now?

For the rest of August, I’m going to immerse myself in the considerable volume of training materials and subscriptions I’ve accumulated (oooh new shiny things) to learn anything and everything I can about building my online audience. My goal is to have a routine of marketing activities that I follow from 1st September for at least one month, then I can see what’s working and what isn’t.

So although I said monthly updates, I probably won’t have anything useful report until the end of September.

If you’re facing your own challenges while growing your business, take a peek inside my Vault Of Free Goodies (no email sign-up needed) and take your pick of whatever looks helpful.

Update: Mission Many Part 2 - my update from August 2017 is now available here.

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