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(crowd photo was shot by Laura Pearman Photography)

Usually, I’m the one that’s tethered to the house by children, work and grown-up responsibilities, while everyone else in the entire bloody Universe trips off on a work jolly and boasts about it on social media (bitter much??)

But not this time. This time I escaped East Anglia, headed up to The North (but still South-of-the-Wall), and met up with some of my favourite business buddies.

If you weren’t among the 300ish business owners at Atomicon19, read on - I’ll be giving you six lessons you can benefit from, even if you weren’t there.

(Disclaimer: Each speaker delivered more value on stage than I could possibly communicate here. If you join Andrew & Pete’s membership, Atomic, you can watch recordings of all the talks - become an Atomic member here*)

#1 If you don’t have enough time for marketing, you’ll never grow your business, so you’ll never make enough money to delegate, to free up your time, for marketing……so you’ll never grow your business….
Don’t get stuck in this Catch 22……(she says hypocritically, while still currently battling the exact same dilemma herself).

What’s the answer? Put your prices up! Even if you lose some clients and only maintain your current income level - that’s still a win, because now you’re spending less time on client work and more time on marketing your business!

This image was shot by Laura Pearman Photography

#2 To sell your stuff you need to actually SELL your stuff
While Victoria Fleming, from Buzztastic, was doing her thing on stage, owning the space in the most gorgeous pair of shoes to ever grace a marketing conference…..a voice visited me.

My own voice.

And it said unto me….
“You already make quite a decent chunk of money from selling your stuff….imagine if you actually put any energy and intention behind making sales.”

I love writing sales pages because I’m terrified of having conversations.

I’d rather spend hours and hours perfecting a page of persuasive copy than speak to an actual human.

So I try to make my website copy, especially the sales pages, do all the selling for me.

This works fine for a low-priced mini-copywriting course, when I’m asking the reader to invest a few dollars and a couple of hours.

But it’s less effective for my higher-ticket programs. Quite sensibly my prospects would like to speak with me before investing $100s and kicking-off a longer term working relationship.

This image is a selfie taken by me, after accosting Victoria at lunch

As I listened to Victoria’s simply smart ways to make your selling more successful, my fear-of-humans softened a little, and I began contemplating how lovely it could be to have a brief chat with people who are interested in what I do. So I’ve added a live chat function to my website, and am offering free calls to people who’d like me to help them write their own online content…..I’m still crap at selling, but I’ve taken the first step by acknowledging it’s actually rather important and I need to get better at it.

For plenty of excellent (and free) sales tips from Victoria - head on over to her Superstars Of Sales Facebook group.

#3 Tell people who attend your FREE webinar that you’re going to offer them something at the end.
When did we get so shy about getting paid to do the work that we do?

There’s no need to bury the pitch right at the end. You’re not trying to take them by surprise.

This image was shot by Laura Pearman Photography

I wrote pages of notes during Teresa Heath-Wareing’s talk, but this was the bit that stood out for me the most. We don’t need to keep our offers a secret. We can level with our audience and tell them, “yes, I’m here for an hour delivering my expertise for free, and I’ll also be mentioning something you can invest in, if you’d like to go further / learn more / work with me”.

#4 To make good videos, you will first need to make bad videos.
If you’ve ever learned to play a musical instrument, you’ll know this already - it starts off pretty terrible, and improves with practice. The more you practise, the quicker the terrible phase is over.

Dan Knowlton from KPS Digital Marketing rather gamely made this point by sharing a hilarious piss-take edit his friends had made to highlight just how terrible his videos were in the early days.

This image was shot by Amber Phillips at the after-show party

#4 Video is a performance, so warm your voice up first!
So obvious, and yet so easily overlooked. Singer, social media expert, and champion of live video, Ian Anderson Gray had us warming up our vocal cords so we could project our messages clearly.

This image was shot by Laura Pearman Photography

He made a lasting impression - I prepped for today’s mammoth recording session by belting out Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer.

#5 Be somebody’s favourite
Chris Ducker rounded off the day with a keynote talk about building a business around your own personal brand, including the five levels of Youpreneur selling: coaching/consulting; affiliate marketing; digital products; memberships; and live events.

This image was shot by Laura Pearman Photography

#6 Don’t play prudent
Andrew and Pete closed with a glimpse at what they’d got planned for Atomicon20 and the inspiration behind it. I can’t do their speech justice (and I’d be crying all over again as I tried to explain it), so here’s their video recap which says pretty much the same thing.

Reminder - if you join Andrew & Pete’s membership, Atomic, you can watch recordings of all the talks - become an Atomic member here*

*Links marked with an asterisk are affiliate links, which means if you buy from that website, I may get a thank you commission, at no extra cost to you.



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