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I may have built my own website, but I’m no expert. So for this week’s post about the 7 signs you’ve outgrown your website, I’ve drafted in friend, designer, and all-round wonderful person, Amber Phillips.

Your website is like a living, breathing, creature. It needs to be nurtured and updated, but often it’s abandoned or left to its own devices, and that’s such a waste for your business!

Your website can be like a sales machine. It can work hard and bring you more customers and more money, it just needs to be tuned up.

Think of it like a car, for example. It needs to be filled with fuel to get you from A to B. Your website needs to be filled with brilliant content, regular updates, love and attention for it to give you the outcome you want - more discovery calls, more customers, more sales, more money…

So, is your website working for you in its current state? Or have you outgrown your website? Here are the 7 signs you need to look out for:

1 - You’re too embarrassed to share your website with anyone

If you’re too embarrassed or ashamed to give out your website address, then the chances are you need to do some serious upgrading.

Your website is like your business hub, where all the information about your business is kept and where you can show your business off to the world. You’re proud of your business, aren’t you? You should be proud of your website too!

2 - You have literally no clue how your website works

If you had to make any quick updates, for example changing your address or phone number, would you know how to? These are small things but they’re important things and it’s good to know how to update your own website, even if you do outsource to a tech person/team. Something that you could easily update yourself if you knew how could cost you a lot of money to have someone else do for you.

3 - Your website just doesn’t portray your business anymore. Maybe you do things differently now or you’ve changed your branding…

Perhaps when you first started your business, your website was spot on, but now a couple of years later your business has moved on. Businesses naturally evolve, so your website needs to have the ability to do so as well, and there are some great platforms out there (WordPress is my favourite!), that allow you to easily update and develop your website as your business grows.

4 - There is at least one other website that looks identical to yours…

You are unique and your business is unique, but is your website unique? There are so many templates for websites out there so sometimes it’s hard for your website to look unique without hiring a professional designer/developer. But did you know there are actually some great themes that allow you to create any layout and any design that you can imagine?

Themes like Divi for WordPress are absolutely brilliant and they mean that you can get a 100% unique website rather than having a cookie cutter website that several other businesses have. Don’t be afraid to stand out!

5 - Your website isn’t mobile friendly

It’s now essential that your website works well on mobiles. According to Smart Insights, 80% of internet users own a smartphone, so you can just imagine how much website traffic now comes from mobile!

And according to ,socPub 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly-designed mobile site.

Also, Google prefers mobile-friendly sites and ranks them accordingly.

If you’re not sure whether your website is mobile friendly, visit it using your own phone and test it using Google Search Console’s tool.

6 - Your website has been the same for years. No new blog posts, no new content…it was just plonked online and that’s the way it’s been since then!

Like I said earlier, your website is like a living thing and needs to be nurtured. For certain platforms, this means regular software updates to make sure your website is kept safe from security threats and so that it continues to work as it should.

New content is also brilliant for your website and will ensure it’ll thrive! Writing regular, relevant, blog posts and refreshing your website content so that it’s as up to date as it can be is a great idea and will encourage people to keep coming back to your website to see what’s new.

7 - You’re not getting any business from your website

If you have Google Analytics set up then you should be able to see how many monthly visitors you have, what pages and posts are most popular, where your traffic is coming from and what your bounce rate is. (Find out how to set up Google Analytics here:

You’ll also be able to use this data to figure out whether your website is making money for your business. For example, how many people leave your website straight away or how many people visit your sales page vs how many conversions you’ve received.

Using Google Analytics and strategically tweaking and improving your website will mean that you get results from your business.

How many of these can you relate to?

If your website isn’t working for you but you’re not sure what to do next, join the Website Wonderland Virtual Tea Party! It’s a week-long event starting on the 30th July to help you to plan and improve your website so that it works amazingly for you and your business.

We’ll cover branding, goal setting, what pages you should have, writing text content and sourcing images so that you can set the foundations for a website that you will love and that will make sales!

Don’t let your website be a barrier to your business growth.



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