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This weekend I found myself in a dilemma.

Copyblogger Authority closes to new students on 30th September, until January 2016.

I wanted to join. I’ve always wanted to join. For as long as I can remember working online, I have wanted to join.

But the price tag is just shy of $400, for one year’s subscription.

Having just completed the Ray Edwards Copywriting Academy (more on that juicy goodness later) and basking in the glow of some pretty fabulous feedback from my clients, I wasn’t sure what else I could learn about copywriting.

But I had been yearning for Authority access for years. Was this the grown-up version of the never-delivered Mr Frosty of my childhood? If I was denied this fun new toy filled with joyful promise, would the bitter regret consume me for the rest of my life? (Yeah Santa, it still hurts, no it wouldn’t have been too messy and yes it would’ve made delicious icy treats).

In the end, the Universe helped me out with one final nudge. A client settled an invoice on Saturday night for almost the exact same amount as the subscription fee. So with the help of a glass of wine, and hand-holding from my business buddy (thanks, Louise) I hit the buy button.


In just 24 hours, here’s what I learned.

Stand down Copyblogger lawyers, I’m not exposing the crown jewels for free here. Just giving a little glimpse into the labyrinth of learning that is Authority.


Being a good/great copywriter isn’t enough.
I have spent a (ridiculously) large amount of time learning about copywriting, blogging, and developing my writing. And within an hour of logging into my new Authority members area, I realized that’s not enough. My content doesn’t hang together. It doesn’t guide my reader into an ever-deepening relationship with me. It’s not writing better content I need to work on, it’s writing content that connects.


I’m never going to cover all the Authority content.
Because the content is limitless. This isn’t like a book or a course. It’s a library of resources, and the Copyblogger team are adding to it all the time.

Learning is my favourite procrastination tool. I like to find a course, immerse myself in it for the duration, do no actual productive work, then before I can implement anything I’ve learned, I find another course….you get the idea.

Potentially the volume of learning available here could paralyze me, but it’s had the opposite effect. There’s so much of it; I could never read it all. So after an initial rummage through the entire library, I’ve completed the first lesson, and now I am putting it into action, creating some new content for my website and tightening up my content plans for the near future. Then I will go back the next lesson. The learn, do, review cycle is in progress, and it’s exciting.


I am weak-willed, I have no respect for time limits, order, or the proper way of doing things.
After I paid my subscription fee, I vowed to myself and Louise (business buddy), that I would not be diving headlong into the content. I would finish the work I had planned for this month, and set aside time next month for studying. I would diligently follow the drip of Authority emails sent to navigate me through the course, and pay attention to the advice given in the Authority overview section. I lasted about an hour before I logged in and gorged my chubby little face in the buffet of content awesomeness.


What Else You Should Now

* There’s a lot of audio. Most of the content is delivered by podcasts and webinar replays. This was a shock as I like to control my rate of content consumption, and listening to other people talk gives me the rage. I like to read, and I like to read fast. Happily there are transcripts, so I can read if I want to, and load up the audio if I need further clarification.

* It’s not all about copywriting and blogging. There’s Internet marking, site building, productivity and more. It’s about building your authority online and using that authority to grow your business (and your income).

* Doors close on 30th September 2015 and reopen in January 2016.


That wasn’t so much a review of Copyblogger Authority, more a reflection on my insatiable e-learning appetite. But if you are considering joining, hopefully it’s given you an insight into what you can get for your money.

The banner below includes an affiliate link. If you sign-up using that, I will receive a commission. You do not pay a penny extra than if you had gone to the site direct. If I did not love this product, I wouldn’t have written this post. Authority has a 30-day money back guarantee, so if it was no good, I’d just ask for a refund. But I didn’t, because I love it.

Authority: Become A Smarter Content Marketer




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