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Banish that paralyzing blank screen by copy and pasting this template. Fill in the sections in the numbered order and you’ll be publishing your next blog post faster than you can say ‘tickety-boo’.

Headline: Write this last

Give your blog post a working title to help you keep on track, but don’t write your headline until you’ve nailed the content down. Grab the reader’s attention by speaking to their emotions (positive or negative), stating a benefit you know they want, or generating curiosity. Bonus points if you can do all three.
* I was boiling with frustration and then…
* Six simple steps to super shiny hair
* Top five reasons small business fail (#3 was a shocker)

Intro: Write this just before you write your headline

This is not like your intros to a humdrum school essay where you summarize what’s coming next. This is a sales pitch to convince your reader that the next 400-500 words are worth their time and attention. If you can get them to read these three sentences, there’s a good chance they’re staying for the rest of the post.

Subhead: Write this fourth

A juicy, enticing benefit. If they’ve made it to the end of the intro, this will help keep them focussed. If they’re just scanning, this will suck them in.

The Personal Bit: Write this second

Three or four sentences that connect them either to you or the content. Create an emotional connection. Talk about your empotions, there’s or both. ‘You know that feeling when….’, ‘I’m fist pumping like a mad woman right now……’. Use high energy words, emotive language.

Subhead: Write this fifth

State the benefit you are just about to deliver.

The Meat: Write this first

The list, the how to, the step by step. The actionable stuff. This is when you add value. They’ve invested a minute and half in you already, make it worth their while.

The Close: Write this third

Wrap it up with something personal and invite engagement. Tell me in the comments, share with your friends. They’ve made it this far, don’t lose them now. Don’t waste this opportunity - tell them what you want them to do next. Other related posts, email sign-up. They want to keep the conversation going.

Time Saving Tip

Select the text between the two lines, copy, then paste into a draft post on your blog and name it ‘template’. Now you’ll have it to hand every time you need to write a new post.



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