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The nights are drawing in, leaves falling, temperatures dropping and that means one thing…it’s slow cooker time.

I do love my slow cooker and how it magically turns unappetizing pale raw stuff into a delicious jumbo meal, sufficient to feed my family three times over.

But before you leave this blog post, believing that I have lost the plot and turned this into a receipe site, I do have something word-related to share with you.

Batch cooking is not just for food.

The same principles of bulk preparation to cut down on effort can be applied to blogging too.

1. Mass Idea Generation
When I’m inspired, it’s rarely one idea at a time. Nope. Instead I am hit with an avalanche of thoughts that I can barely scribble down fast enough. Create an ideas bank, either as a spreadsheet, or jotted down in a notebook, so you can store away your blog post ideas until they are needed.

2. Bulk Graphics Creation
If I were to lovingly search for the perfect graphic every time I wrote a blog post, I’d never have time for paid client work. Instead, I spent a day hunting for stock images, cutting them down to size, and loading them to my media library. So when I’m ready to publish, I just need to click on a file and I’m ready to go.

3. Serial Blog Post Writing
Some days I write my blog posts in bulk simply because I’m in a good mood and I want to make the most of it. More common though, is when I start to write about something and realize instead of one epic blog post, it would work better as a series. While massive posts can add value, a series can work wonders for your site. Multiple posts means multiple URLs, which means multiple opportunities to get your content found by Google and humans. And if you decide to publish a series of 4 smaller posts instead of one comprehensive posts, you have now secured yourself a few weeks content with minimal effort.

Alas batch blogging doesn’t smell as delicious as the vast contents of my slow cooker, but it does give me the same warm and fuzzy glow inside, as I reflect on how many weeks posts have been taken care of in just one afternoon.



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