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DailyOM Facebook Ad

Welcome to The Weekly Swipe.

In this edition, I’m looking at a short, but punchy Facebook ad that caught my attention.

Worthy of 5 minutes of your time because:

a) It only contains 21 words, yet packs in multiple engagement triggers.

b) It sent me on a research mission to find out if the ad was working for them, and I want to show you what I find.

Engagement Hook Checklist:


The chance to win - not really - they don’t disguise the fact that you will be working for this result.

Avoidance of loss - the choice of the word ‘strength’ indicates good physical health and prevention of deterioration (or maybe that’s just how I see it as I am acutely aware I spend far too long sitting down)

Sense of self - The ‘Dancer’s Legs’ appeals to anyone who ever put on a leotard and pranced around a community hall with her friends. This will appeal to anyone who’s ever daydreamed about being a dancer.

Community and belonging - Not so much in the ad, although the name of the Facebook page, ‘Daily OM’ carries a sense of belonging to a meditation-loving community.

Efficient fulfillment of needs - Yes - You can get this done in just ‘5 minutes’ and in ’14 days’. It also implies that once you’ve achieved this, there’s no more work to be done - when in reality ‘dancer’s legs’ will quickly turn wobbly if you don’t keep the exercises up.


FOMO - The promise of efficiency, does create a sense of urgency because if you could have this result in 14 days time by starting now - why would you wait. On a longer sales page/ad that would be stated explicitly
‘Look at your legs - if you’d bought this course 14 days ago, they could already look like hers’.

Curiosity - Just the simple word ‘This’ generates curiosity. It’s the text equivalent of somebody looking and pointing at a room you can’t see inside. You HAVE to click to see what’s there.

This ad is a fantastic example of only writing enough to get the reader to take the desired action - open the sales page.

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