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Worditude Weekly Swipe

Cards Against Humanity

Welcome to The Weekly Swipe.

In this edition I am worshipping the copy Cards Against Humanity Family Edition.

Praise-worthy because:

a) The copy is written to such a phenomenally high standard to give something away for FREE

b) It is so consistently on-brand and yet PG rated in-line with the intended audience of the game

c) It stacks all 7 Engagement Hooks.

Open the image to read the copy yourself - along with my annotations.

Engagement Hook Checklist:

The chance to win - yes, you’re getting something for free that you should be paying for.

Avoidance of loss (a little nod to the loss of money from subscribing to other entertainment - Disney)

Sense of self - Yes! For people who identify with that playful irreverent style - who see themselves as a little mischievous.

Community and belonging - yes! Doubley so - you play together so community within family, but they’re asking for feedback so you are also part of the wider community of beta testers.

Efficient fulfillment of basic needs - Yes! Everyone needs something to do at home right now - this is a free alternative.


FOMO - Yes! One day this beta will end and you will have to pay to play.

Curiosity - Yes! Who doesn’t want to see how Cards Against Humanity can be turned into a family-friendly game?!?! Who doesn’t want a sneak preview of a game that wasn’t due to launch until later in the year?

See the page for yourself (and download the game):

TL; DR - Best example of on-brand copy, how to give away something for FREE, and say legal stuff in a non-boring way - but, holy crap, the white text on a black background is difficult to read.

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