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Worditude Weekly Swipe

Amy Caiger’s About Page

Welcome to another Swipe File - today I’m looking at Amy Caiger’s About page.

But before we dive in….here’s what makes an engaging, effective About page.

Your About page needs to answer three questions the visitor has right now:

#1 What’s in it for me?

Before they’re willing to invest the time and energy needed to read your page, you need to convince them that you’re worth it - that you have something they need and want.

#2 Who the heck are you?

You know that nagging feeling that people are questioning whether you’re really qualified and experienced enough to do this work….. they are! And your About page is where they go to gather the evidence.

#3 Is it safe for me to ask you for help?

The people who most need your help are the least likely to ask for it. I call this the Cleaner Dilemma. I’d love to hire a cleaner, but I’m too embarrassed by the state of my health. I’d love a personal trainer, but I’m too embarrassed by how unfit I am. They may need and want your help with something, but may not feel you’re approachable enough to ask for help. Your About page needs to create a connection with your prospect by showing them the ways in which you are the same, the ways in which they can relate to you.

Before you watch my video tutorial, take a look at the screenshot and identify the ways in which Amy successfully answers those three questions.



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