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Worditude Weekly Swipe

Ruth Gilbey, The Sold Out Solution

Welcome to The Weekly Swipe: Landing page for free webinar

In this edition I am admiring the copy of Ruth Gilbey’s landing page for her free masterclass, The Sold Out Solution.

Praise-worthy because:

a) The copy promises something specific, that’s highly desirable and presents it in relatable terms.

b) It’s a fantastic example of a Frictionless Call-To-Action

✔ An irresistible, highly desired, believable offer

✔ The commitment asked of the prospect is reasonable and easy to agree to

✔ The action is easy to take

✔ The form/button works!

Open the image to read the copy yourself and see if you can spot:

Any of the 7 Human Engagement Triggers

1 - Chance to win

2 - Protection from loss

3 - Self-expression

4 - Community & belonging

5 - Efficiency (better, quicker, easier)

6 - FOMO

7 - Curiosity

Any of the three Persuasion Amplifiers that make the offer more real and believable

1 - Specificity

2 - Credibility

3 - Social Proof

And here’s my video run-through of the things I love about this page.

See the page for yourself:

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