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What makes a successful Facebook Ad and landing page combo?

In this week’s Swipe File I’m looking at a Facebook ad for a lead magnet, and the landing page it directs to.

Things worthy of note about this ad from Siteground:

  • Minimal text on the ad - which means the landing page has work to do
  • Very clear on the intended audience, the promised benefit and the call-to-action
  • Is that truncated line of text a deliberate curiosity generator?

Then I also took a look at the landing page the advert was taking traffic to.

You can see it for yourself here.

Or open the PDF of a screenshot of the page:


  • How the visual appearance of the landing page, and the title and call-to-action exactly mirror the Facebook Ads, to build instant trust and reassurance
  • The banner of brands adding credibility above the page break
  • The very clear (unmissable) call-to-action banner.

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