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Worditude Weekly Swipe

Mumology Movement Membership Sales Page

Welcome to The Weekly Swipe. In this edition, I am looking at a sales page for a well-being membership.

This page is praise-worthy because:

#1 - It shows membership-owner Sarah as a friendly, credible expert who is on the prospect’s side.

When it comes to fitness and nutrition it can be especially difficult for the people who most need your help to ask for it (and I say that as someone who is both unfit and overweight). Is there anything more intimidating that a super-buff yoga-instructor in smoking-hot gym gear, munching on salad leaves??? Sarah does a great job of being a relatable, approachable human.


#2 - It clearly speaks to multiple problems, without being a jumbled up mess.

Specificity sells. A quick, specific solution, to a specific pressing problem is very easy to sell. But memberships are rarely that narrow - otherwise the members wouldn’t stay on. By presenting four clear themes Sarah’s membership shows it covers a broad range of pain points, in a structured way, within specific categories.


#3 - It sells engagement with the membership (not just the purchase of it).

Membership sales pages need to work extra hard when compared with offers of a similar price point. We may think it’s a no-obligation purchase, but that’s not how our prospects see it. And we don’t want them to just buy it, we want them to dive in and use it immediately, to increase the likelihood they stay after the first month. Sarah’s page does a great job of helping the reader imagine the membership as part of their lives, which will make them eager to engage as soon as they buy.

See the sales page as it was on the day of this video:

See the page in full as it is now here.

Video tour of the sales page and what makes it work:

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