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Many people find speaking easier than writing - and that’s why they turn to me for help.

But for some of us, the thought of opening up our mouths in front of an attentive audience is terrifying (even if that’s only an audience of one).

So when business friend, and speaking coach, Susan Heaton Wright, offered to do an interview with me, I jumped at the chance. Free public speaking tuition, plus great material for my blog - who’d turn that down?

Not sure this applies to you?

Any time you have a video call with a client, go Live on Facebook, or speak up in a meeting - you are speaking in public. The tips in this interview will help you communicate your message with clarity and confidence no matter where or when you are speaking.

In this interview we’ve focussed on Facebook Live as for many people (like me) this is the first time we feel we are speaking in front of the public. But the tips and techniques covered will help you whenever you are speaking to an audience - whether live or recorded, and no matter how many (or few) people will see it. No matter what your content marketing strategy looks like, you’ll need these tips sooner or later.

In this interview we discuss:
♦ How the right preparation can help you speak confidently and clearly.
♦ What to do during your presentation/Live/video to keep your delivery calm.
♦ The right way to reflect and learn post-speaking.

Towards the end of the interview, you can also find out more about Susan’s volunteer work with refugees in the camps in Athens.

Plus grab your Speaking Confidently, Calmly and Clearly poster and worksheet at the bottom of this post.

In A Hurry - Here’s The Highlights

02m 30s I (over)share how my fear of speaking started in high school - Essex girl, with North East London accent attends Grammar school, and adopts alternative way of speaking.

04m 40s Why you may have done more public speaking than you give yourself credit for - I’d never call myself a public speaker, but it turns out I’ve been doing it by speaking up in webinars, and broadcasting Facebook Lives.

06m 00s The key preparation steps you need to take BEFORE you start speaking
♦ Make notes on what you say before you get started, including your attention-getting intro and action-generating close.
♦ Get hydrated and keep your water handy.
♦ Check your background, lighting, and ambient noise.
♦ C-A-L-M yourself down, before you open your mouth (this is really a note to myself here).

10m 50s How to communicate clearly by slowing yourself right down - At around 13 minutes when Susan talks about using punctuation in speech (to appeal to the writer within me), watch my face as the penny finally drops and I figure out how to transfer my writing technique into me speaking.

17m 00s Susan’s theory of why I find writing so much easier than speaking - I’m basically not great at slowing down and getting things right first time. I like to throw out what my brain has to offer, then go back to make sense of it through editing later.

22m 00s What to do after you’ve finished speaking - and why it’s so important to take a break before you begin reflecting, and learning.

25m 20s Flooding yourself with feedback will STOP you making improvements - this applies to everything, not just public speaking.

27m 30s The amazing therapeutic work Susan has been doing with refugees in Athens, who have fled to the camps from Syria and Afghanistan, and how you can get involved.

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Here is information on the project in Athens we are involved in:

The Facebook group for the charity in Athens which includes the art therapy is ‘Love Without Borders - For Refugees in Need’

The link to donate to the excellent work which currently includes distributing essential items for people who have been made homeless due to the fires is

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