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Stuck for words when it comes to your blog posts?

When building a website, writing a blog post, or planning social media content it can be difficult knowing what to say and how to say it.

Once you understand how online marketing works you’ll never be stuck for words again.

I’ve spent years working with small businesses to create web copy and blog posts as part of their online marketing strategy, and studied with the Institute of Digital Marketing.

Now let me share my hard earned wisdom.

How Online Marketing Works…..In Five Words

Online marketing is… a conversation with your clients.

Let me explain.

Old marketing looks like…

not how online marketing works

This is a broadcast.

The business shouts “my product is awesome because of x,y and z. Come and buy from me!!!” to anyone within earshot.

This may result in a single transaction, but no long term relationship.

Most often it results in the audience beating a hasty retreat.

New marketing looks like…

This is a conversation.

The business connects with clients as individuals, listens to what they need and offers solutions.

This builds a relationship between the client and the business which can generate many transactions and referrals.

how online marketing works

So how does online marketing work?

It’s not a broadcast.

It is not something you do to your clients.

It is a conversation you have with your clients.

A conversation that helps you get to know, like and trust each other.

A conversation that builds understanding, engagement and loyalty.

A conversation that helps your business make money by delivering real value for your clients.

Sounds good, right?

So how do we get started?

To have a conversation you need to know:
1. Who you’re talking with
2. Who you are (your personality traits, passions)
3. What you are offering

I can help you discover all these parts of the conversational jigsaw and get them down on paper.

Whether you want to write your own copy or hire someone to do it for you, you can only create content that connects with your ideal clients once you have a really clear picture of this conversation.

And it’s not just about what goes on your website.

What about your blog? Emails? Newsletters?

Understanding this conversation will help you connect with your ideal clients every time you interact with them.

If you only understand who you are and what you are offering, then you can only use broadcast marketing.

And if you’ve ever been hollered at while walking past a market stall, you already know this sucks.



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