Need Blog Post Ideas? Pad Out Your Schedule With This Simple Suggestion - Worditude
Looking for a super-speedy way to pad out your blogging (or social media) schedule?


Run a themed post.

Once a week, once a month, once a quarter - whatever works for you.

You could do ‘Spotlight Sunday’ - where every Sunday you interview a different client / supplier / staff member.

Freebie Friday - A chance to share with your audience your favourite industry-related freebie that they might find useful.

Monthly Motivator - the first day of the month you share something inspirational, a story, a video, a ‘hang in there kitty’ poster.

Run a restaurant? Once a month write up a guide on how to re-create one of your dishes.

Own a bar? Do a cocktail of the month recipe.

Estate agent? Declutter tips on a Tuesday, thrifty makeover days on a Thursday.

You get the idea.

Are you thinking ‘these sound great, but how the hell do I squeeze 500 words out of that idea’?

Well, stop. Because that thought is not helpful.

Your audience would much rather read a genuinely valuable tip that takes one minute to digest, than wade through hundreds of words of padding.

Add value, not noise.

And these themes do add value. They build up a rhythm to your blogging. A momentum that helps you to keep producing fresh, useful, engaging content. And the predictable routine encourages readers to check back on your blog on certain days, bringing you the ultimate blogging prize - repeat visitors.

Got some themes planned? Spill it. Tell me all in the comments below.