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Whilst it’s important your website content and blog posts sound natural, approachable and just like the real you, sadly writing for your business isn’t as simple as transcribing whatever words fall out of your mouth.

The advice often given to keyboard-shy entrepreneurs is to ‘write how you speak‘. While this will help you get the words flowing, and will certainly result in an informal, conversational style, you’ll need to have a slightly more structured approach.

Your audience will expect your written words to be carefully considered and edited - because unlike with speaking - you have the time and opportunity to go back and make changes until you are delivering your message in the clearest, quickest way possible.

Don’t just write how you speak.

Write how you speak on a really, really good day, with editing functionality.

Here’s five simple tips that will help you sit down and write with ease, style and a certain flourish.

1. Consult an archive of your best efforts

Whenever you write something, even if it’s just a social media update, that feels like the best version of yourself, archive it. Keep a folder (either real or digital) of your best efforts as a constant reminder of what you are capable of.

2. Make a swipe file of writing you appreciate

Did you ever take apart a piece of writing in your English lessons, highlighting the techniques the author used, and noticing the impact that had? Using this process on sales pages, blog posts and emails from business people you admire can help you develop your own skills. By becoming aware of the techniques used, and the styles you appreciate, you’ll be able to improve your own writing style.

3. Separate idea generation and writing

Many solopreneurs come undone the moment they sit down to write a blog post, because they have no idea what to write about. This generates anxiety and kills creativity. Keep a list of blog post ideas well stocked so when you have time to write you can simply pick whichever topic most appeals to you at the time.

Need help generating blog post ideas? Download my free workbook to Generate A Year’s Supply Of Blog Post Ideas here.

4. Follow templates to cut down on thinking

To promote a feeling of creativity, you need to cut down on analytical thinking. Writing with ease and flow is pretty much impossible if you’re constantly trying to think about how to structure the content and what information you need to include. I’ve always used templates to write the website content and blog posts for my clients, and now I’ve made them available in my copywriting toolkit for entrepreneurs.

5. Create a mood-making formula

Some days you just know you’re in the flow and the words will come easily. Sadly we can’t just wait around for those days to show up, or we’ll never get anything written. Become aware of what puts you in the perfect mood for writing, what time of day works best for you, which environment - and use this information to get yourself in the mood whenever you need to write. For me, it’s much easier to write if it’s the first thing I do at my desk. No emails, no thinking, no planning. The night before I leave a note on my laptop with the title of what needs to get written, so when I sit down, I’m ready to go straight away. I have meditation music playing because the words in pop songs knock my own words out of my head. And I don’t have any tea, or coffee on the go because that just distracts me. After years of practice, I know what works for me.

Do one, do them all…

…do however many you think will work for you. But please know that however difficult you are finding writing in your own voice, it will get easier with practice, and it will be worth it.

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