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What are your absolute must-do non-negotiable business-building activities you complete every week?

Do you have an essential to-do list?

Core actions that no-matter-what you do each week because you know they are good for you and your business?

I do. Do I do them every week? Ermmmmmm nope.

Late on Friday night, this rather awesome guy showed up in my bedroom to remind me that consistency is key (that’s when I took the photo of us….hence it’s got a good filter on it!)

We’ve set a goal for next year (we’ll tell you if we make it) and to be able to reach it he has a short program of physio exercises to do every day. And for 24 days straight we had completed those exercises every-single-day.

On Friday we forgot….until he remembered at 11.57pm.

I wasn’t exactly thrilled to drag myself out of bed at 3 minutes before midnight, but I did admire his dedication, and the exercises don’t take long, so we put on his workout music (a soundtrack from his favourite video game) and cracked on.

10 minutes later, we were finished, I’d missed out on some sleep, and of course, the physio had made no discernable difference to his physical development.

That’s not how physio works. It’s not a quick fix. It’s a small, manageable task to do with consistency, that eventually adds up to a great result.

And that’s why it’s so easy not to bother. Will this 10-minute physio session make any difference on its own - nope. Will missing it for one day make any difference - nope. It takes a daily commitment to get a longterm result.

It’s the same running a small business. Not one thing I do today will make a massive difference to the growth of Worditude Ltd. What I am doing is tackling a list of core tasks that I’m sure, if completed consistently every week will grow my audience, engagement, and income.

Headlines like ‘I did this ONE thing and everything changed’ or ‘this simple step 10 x’d my income’….are sooooo attractive. Who doesn’t want to find a simple switch to flick that will suddenly turn on an avalanche of cash? How much more exciting is that, than plodding through the same to-do list week in week out?

I wasted soooooo much time looking for the magic key, when what was really needed was a commitment to market my business consistently.

Need help deciding what to focus on?

Every week do at least one thing that:
♥ Gets your business in front of more people
♥ Showcase your credibility and expertise to your existing audience.
♥ Convert members of your existing audience into paying customers.

Find out more about how consistent content marketing can help you turn strangers into superfans….like this:

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