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Are you being too salesy in your marketing emails?

The main reason to have an email list is so you can sell to your subscribers.

But many business-builders feel super-awkward when they send ‘salesy’ content.

If you’re worried you’re pissing off your subscribers by selling to them too often, I’ve got a quick, easy and totally free exercise for you.

Look at the last marketing email you sent to your subscribers.

If someone invested the time, energy, and mental headspace to open and read this email all the way through, what benefit/s might they have taken from that experience?

Now list as many of those as you can think of.

If you need a little discipline around this, set a timer for 3 minutes and stay there, squeezing out as many possible, hypothetical imaginary benefits that your subscriber might have gleaned from reading/skimming your email.

Need some help?

Did the email…

  • Include a story or insight into your life so they’ve got to know you better?
  • Help them have a better understanding of the ways you can help them?
  • Give them hope by showing them it’s possible to solve a problem they have, or reach an outcome they want?
  • Give them valuable, actionable insight they can make use of for FREE? - how generous of you!
  • Deliver a dose of entertainment to brighten up their day and inbox?
OK that’s enough clues from me - if you put some effort into it, I reckon you could get to 10 or more.

Now repeat the exercise with the previous two or three marketing emails.

So now how do you feel?

Still too salesy?

Need to get some confidence together about the next email you want to sell?

Draft the email….and repeat the exercise.


You’re welcome.



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