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Not-So-Secret Sales Page Template

Perfect for selling expertise or information-based offers like programmes, courses or memberships.

You’ve done the research, you’ve created the thing, and now you need to start telling people about it.

Sales pages are scary dudes to tackle anyway, but if all you’ve got is a fresh white screen and a quiet desperation to sell your stuff, the task becomes even more terrifying.

Writing anything is easier if you start with an outline.

This is the template for sales pages I use when writing for my copywriting clients - sales pages that have generated tens of thousands of pounds, sometimes in just a few days.

It’s based on 7+ years of writing sales pages and £1000s worth of training courses.

Get it while it’s free.



  1. Steph

    Love it Laura … great to have points in an easy and accessible format. Thanks!

  2. Angela

    What a great blog. Definitely going to use this to re-hash all my existing sales pages, and creating the new one for my membership site for runners that launches at the end of Feb.

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