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I like being at home. There’s a reason I’m self-employed. It takes a lot to get me to leave the house at all.

So to persuade me to make the 5.5 hours train-trek to Newcastle, Retain had to promise big things.

And it did not disappoint.

Even though it was for membership-based businesses, there was plenty that applies to everyone.

I’m not sure if I’m really supposed to do this, but I’ve created a rundown of the speakers and where you can get the gist of what they said at the conference - because I can’t deal with the fact only 160 people experienced this fabulousness. But because it was a very full-on 2 days, this is an e-n-o-r-m-o-u-s post.

# 1 All Things Membership

Mike & Callie - The Membership Guys - Retain organizers, hosts, and membership-gurus. M&C the MCs delivered multiple sessions throughout the day focussed on the membership industry, onboarding, retaining and retrieving members. If you’ve got a membership-based business, or you’re thinking of starting one, get yourself over to their website ( where you will find an abundance of podcasts and resources.

#2 Feelings Before Funnels

Content marketing expert Janet Murray told us to focus on feelings not funnels - use emotion-generating content to build and engage your audience. Episodes 369 and 370 of her podcast touch on this, so they’d be a good place to start if you’re interested in finding out more -

#3 Unlock More Revenue In Your Business

Sales Coach Jessica Lorimer talked about how to make more money from your existing clients, because selling more to someone who’s already bought is easier than converting a new customer. Something that really stuck with me was when Jessica explained why membership owners struggle to upsell. Sometimes we over-promise by saying/implying that everything we ever create will be available to our members. Or we over-deliver - even though we don’t make that all-inclusive promise, that’s what we deliver anyway (guilty 🙋).

But if we keep the membership tightly focused (and so avoid overwhelming our members) we can have other additional products to sell - so simple, yet so clever.

This podcast on Jess’s website is about breaking your revenue plateau looks like a good place to start:

And this podcast where the lovely Louise Brogan interviewed Jess about how to create more cash in your business:

#4 An Alternative Perspective On Lead Magnets

Mark Asquith talked to us about converting free users to paid members. Here’s my best effort at summarising an hour’s worth of value into just a few bullet points:

♦ Usually, we give away freebies that just get the user started with their transformation.
♦ They only get so far and then they get stuck.
♦ This is when we expect them to pay for our help to make progress.
♦ This means we’re asking for the sale when we’ve just made them frustrated. Grumpy prospects are not eager buyers.

Mark’s advice is to take your free user all the way to the first major milestone. Then once they’re emotionally high from that achievement, show them how you can take them even further.

With more than 1000 podcasts to choose from, I can’t choose just one to link to - so go here and choose for yourself -

#5 Squeezing Every Last Drop From Your Content

Amy Woods from content re-purposing service Content 10x unsurprisingly talked about how to take the content you are already creating for your membership and re-purpose this to use as marketing material.

I loved the idea of focusing all your creative energy on creating content for your paying members, then basing your marketing off this. Find out more about making your existing content work harder on Amy’s podcast -

#6 Making A Big Impression By Being Remarkable

Champions of small and mighty businesses, Andrew & Pete, performed…..yes this was way more than a talk….performed a skit on the importance of focusing your marketing efforts. They implored us to be remarkable by focusing 90% of our marketing efforts on just one thing. Pick a medium (text, video, audio) + a platform (YouTube, blog, podcast, LinkedIn, FB Live…) and stick with it. The talk was an hour so I can’t do it justice it here. But if you go here you can get the gist of it - (affiliate link).

#7 Handling Any Difficult Situation In Your Community

Diana Tower, community management coach, made a big promise - to teach us how to handle any difficult situation or problem member in your community. Her advice would work for free Facebook groups and even in the comments on your social media posts.

As tempting as it is to hit delete on an uncomfortable post/comment, Diana’s advice is to deal with issues publicly, so you can control the narrative. And remember that your unicorns (ideal clients) are always looking at how you handle this - if you’re protecting them, if you’re acting in alignment with what you say is important. Get more from Diana here:

#8 Other Baskets For Your Eggs

Chris Ducker’s talk focused on building a scalable ecosystem around your membership. His Yourpreneur.FM podcast episode 300 on how to build a successful personal brand business is a good place to start if you’re wondering how to sure up your business with additional income streams

Wow - this post is enormous.

Time to go now for pizza + Bohemian Rhapsody.

Let me know which of the speakers you’re going to find out more from.


P.S. Until the 26th Sept only Andrew & Pete have an amazing deal on their Atomic membership, with time limited bonuses from their business besties, including Janet Murray and Jessica Lorimer. Get all the deets here: (aff link because they send me thank-you money. If they ask who sent you, tell them Laura from Worditude - we have a running joke that I’m taking over their membership).



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