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I’m typing this, sitting bolt upright, with my back smothered in ibuprofen gel. I want to tell you an exciting story about how I injured myself rescuing a litter of kittens from a burning building, but that would be a lie.

The truth is a touch more embarrassing. I strained my back playing tag in a children’s indoor play centre (while under the watchful gaze of an ex-X Factor contestant). I am now too old to be safe near ball pits, slides, and soft foam obstacles.

Leaving my decrepit body to one side, it’s time for business.

Want to know how to create online content that connects with the same power as a real-life conversation?

The secret ingredient to successful content marketing, the little something extra, the sprinkling of seasoning is…..YOU.

Your personality. That’s what makes you so magnetic, engaging, attractive to your clients in real-life. And it’s exactly what you need to add to your online content to help your prospects fall in love with you.

When you try to sound corporate, you end up sounding crap. Be you instead. #smallbiz

Here are six tips to infuse your content with your stellar personality:

Share a personal story - Like the one I opened with. It can be as simple as posting a Facebook status that says you’re celebrating a birthday at the weekend, but any (truthful) insight into your personal life helps your audience get to know you better.

Use a story to deliver a message - In our efforts to provide useful, valuable information, there is a risk that blog posts become a little teacher-esque. Wrapping a message up within a personal story (like these lessons from Dara O’Briain) helps nurture the relationship with your reader and adds interest to your blog.

Use your words - Yes I know a phenomenally successful copywriting coach has already used that phrase, but I couldn’t think of a better way to say it. So long as your message remains clear, it’s completely fine, and lots of fun, to sprinkle in words that you love. Like ‘smothered’, ‘decrepit’ and ‘teacher-esque’.

Include photos of your actual face - I fully understand the urge to come across all professional and polised, but a logo and some arty desk shots are not going to do anything for your budding new client relationship. Add a little flavour to your photos by including some action shots in addition to the more traditional head and shoulders (knees and toes….sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Record a video - of you! Show your audience the real you, talking, moving, being alive. This is especially useul if writing isn’t your strength. If you find it tricky to express yourself in written form, don’t bother. Fire up your smartphone, webcam, or whatever recording device you have to hand, and introduce yourself.

Go to town with you graphics - As some clever fella once muttered, a picture speaks rather a lot of words. Use the colours and graphics on your website and social media to reflect your personality and style. You see these brightly coloured, yet slightly scruffy numerals to the left. If I was a number, that’s how I’d look.

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