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Instagram and Facebook post ideas for Virtual Assistants

The simple system to generate social media content ideas for your va business


I could give you a list of 100 post ideas.


1 – How can I possibly match my social media ideas to your intended audience and the type of work you want to attract?

2 – What are you going to do in a couple of months’ time when you’ve posted everything on this list?

So instead I’m going to give you a system for coming up with your own never-ending supply of social media post ideas for your virtual assistant business.

For every post you create, there are three things to consider.

1. Your Engagement Goal

Your PRIMARY goal for everything you post is engagement.

To get your prospect’s attention, and get them to interact with the post in some way.

This is a list of ways your viewers can engage with your Facebook and Instagram posts:

  • By clicking to read the full text - Achieve this with an opening sentence or two that hooks the reader, and opens a curiosity loop for them, so they feel compelled to click to read the rest. You can promise them something they want, kick-off with a highly relatable personal situation, or begin a story with a cliff-hanger right at the end of the first paragraph.
  • Clicking through images (when you have more than one uploaded) - When the viewer clicks to see the photos that counts as an engagement. Even better you could ask the viewer which photo they prefer.
  • Clicking on an emoticon - Personal stories will often elicit a ‘Care’ or ♥ without you even asking for one. You can encourage emoticon responses on Facebook by stating ‘like’ for this ‘love’ for something else - but don’t overdo posts like this. Photos of food, faces and furry pets tend to do well for emoticon responses.
  • Leave a comment - If you have to tell them to ‘leave a comment’ then it probably isn’t a compelling social media post. Sharing relatable personal stories, and asking questions are good ways to encourage comments.

You should aim for a range of different types of engagement across the week.

2. The Key Messages You Want To Communicate

What are the key messages you want your audience to know about you?

For example, as a copywriter, it’s really important to me that my audience know:

  • I work part-time around children
  • I work with little businesses who sell their expertise to help other people create, grow or manage their own businesses
  • Writing is about connection and clarity of communication over correctness (I’m not here to criticise your punctuation)

These messages influence the things I do and do not share on social media

I can have a guess at some of the things you want your audience to know about you, but I am just guessing - you need to decide for yourself.

  • You’re well organised (have you always been or did you have an epiphany)
  • That this type of work makes you happy - I’d hate to think I was just dumping off tasks I hate onto someone else who doesn’t like them
  • What type of work you’re available for
  • The types of business you most like working with
  • That you are a credible, experienced, qualified expert
  • That you are a friendly, relatable, approachable human being
  • That you help people have more time freedom

Keep reading, because at no point do you write a social media post that says ‘I help people have more time freedom’ - you’ll be more subtle than that, and in a moment I’ll show you how.

3. Sources Of Inspiration

What’s happened in your life in the last 7 days? For each day, can you name one thing that happened? It doesn’t need to be especially interesting, it just needs to be not the usual everyday occurrence.

What’s happened with your work and business in the last 7 days?

Have you received any feedback or kind words? Screenshot them, and ask for permission to share.

  • What tools have you been using?
  • Any significant dates? Birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations
  • Tools you’ve used?
  • Questions you’ve been asked
  • Questions you’d love to ask your audience
  • Are there any important dates coming up?
  • Awareness days
  • Seasons and holidays

How To Use The System

Make a date with yourself at the end of each week (or month) - and make a list of things you could post about.

Then for each idea, check it is communicating at least one of your key messages, and encouraging engagement in at least one way.

If you do this every week you’ll find yourself noticing content opportunities throughout the week as they come up. Make sure you have a notebook or digital file to store them in.

FYI you can take photos of things you think you’d like to share on social media and just save them until your next social media scheduling session - you don’t have to post them right away.



Image: Photo of a stack of laundry

Text: Post about how I love this chore, always have done since the boys were babies. Now as I fold up their huge clothes I think about how much they’ve grown, and daydream about when they were little. It’s handy that I like this because my husband doesn’t. But he gets satisfaction from ironing, which I hate. Sometimes my clients worry about outsourcing something they hate to me (like, this that and another task), should they be passing on this miserable task. But I’ve set up my business so I only do work I love, so you can be sure if I say ‘yes’ to it, no matter how much you can’t wait to get rid of it, I’m still happy to do it.

Engagement prompt: What thing do you love to do that most people think of as a chore or a pain in the bum?

Messages communicated: Examples of work I do, and reassurance that I love it.


Image: Screenshots of my Convertkit renewal notice, and the tool I use to track my expenses

Text: About how these little notices pop up in my inbox every week and it’s easy to lose track of what you’re paying for when and why.

Engagement prompt: Would you like my free tool to help you track this. Type ‘Expenses tool’ in the comments and I’ll message you with the link.

Messages communicated: Examples of the work I can help with, giving valuable expert help, relatable as I’m showing how I run my business too.

Free Time

Image: Netflix showing episode 1 of Bridgerton

Text: That’s my evening planned. I’ve finished early so I can catch an episode of this before it’s time to cook the dinner.

Engagement prompt: Do you flex your working hours to make time for the things you love? Or are you struggling to fit too much into not enough time?

Messages communicated: I can free up your time, plus friendly, relatable post.

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