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Pinterest Traffic Hacks

First - the truth about this article.

I have only been active on Pinterest for around 2 months, and most of that time has been spent figuring out a pinning routine that is sustainable.

So I’m not jumping up and down telling you how I became an overnight Internet millionaire thanks to my fail-safe pinning strategy.

Instead, I’m hoping that by being relatively close to where you are in your pinning journey, it will be helpful for me to share what I’ve learned in the last few months (and potentially save you from paying out for any expensive training programs).

The social media landscape changes so fast, that by the time somebody achieves pinning success and writes up a blog post or program to show you how they did it, those same techniques will no longer work.

I’m not saying don’t listen to any success stories, or never buy into a program. But I am saying that reading the stories of people who are only just a few steps ahead (like me) can be at least as informative.

#1 The reality of manual pinning

There are many proponents of manual pinning. I can’t see how you can possibly get any traction with manual pinning. I’ve read so many personal accounts of Pinterest success that the names escape me, but one lady sticks in my mind as saying she makes $100,000 per year from Pinterest, but she spends 100 hours per week pinning - 100 hours

I tried it. One training program I paid out for (and unfortunately the name escapes me, but I will update this as soon as I find it) - she even generously shared a video of the extremely complicated spreadsheet she used to track her pins. I tried it. For a week. After sacrificing every evening for an entire week, I was miserable, behind my planned pinning schedule, and ready to give up Pinterest all together.

But I didn’t and here’s why.

#2 Pinning a pin is like sowing a seed.

When you post to Twitter or Facebook, your post either gets seen, or it doesn’t, it either generates traffic, or it doesn’t but either way, within a week you will have a good idea of how successful that post has been and its glory days will be over.

Pins stick around….forever. Every time someone re-pins your pin, it gets another chance to be seen. But it doesn’t just rely on these fleeting moments of fame. A keyword optimized pin can get picked up by people using the Pinterest search bar, over and over again….with no time limit.

This is the knowledge I am consoling myself with. Even though I’m not seeing instant results, I am sowing seeds that will reap website traffic further down the road.

#3 I increased my views by 66,000% in just 11 weeks!

I really did, and I’ve even got photographic evidence:

Pinterest traffic stats

But let’s talk stats that matter. In the last 30 days Pinterest has sent 111 visitors to my blog. That’s stats not quite so show-stopping is it?

I have seen countless blog posts and programs promising to share the secrets of strategies that have generated jaw-dropping improvements in Pinterest statistics.

But increases in Pinterest views and impressions are largely meaningless, as this doesn’t tell you how well those views are converting into actions.

And % increase stats are even worse, because (like me) those people could be starting from next to nothing. Increases of 1,000s of a % are possible within just a few weeks using even those most basic pinning techniques.

Success measures you should pay attention to instead:
♦ Traffic driven to their website
♦ Growth in email subscribers
♦ Consistent increase in Income

#4 There’s no **best** Pinterest scheduling tool

Wouldn’t it be lovely if someone just told you which tool to subscribe to and you could just get on with it.

Sorry, I’m not going to do that. I actually use Tailwind and BoardBooster together because they help me achieve different things.

You’ll need to consider:
♦ Do you want to use Tribes - then you’ll need Tailwind
♦ Do you also use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter? You can cut down on the number of scheduling tools you use, and pay for, by looking for one that works with all your social media platforms

Take advantage of any free offers you can find so you can get inside the tools and have a good poke around. You’ll often also get access to free training materials that will help you improve your understanding not just of the specific tool but also of how you can use Pinterest to grow your business.

#5 Consistency is key

Don’t keep looking at your stats.

I was addicted, wanting to see a spike, something that indicated I was on the right track.

Instead, create a sustainable schedule and do it every day/week.

Someone recommended the book ‘The Slight Edge’, by Jeff Olsen, to me and I’m currently listening to it on audio. Over and over again the author says:

‘Is it easy to do? Yes. Is it easy not to do? Also yes.’

And that’s the difference between success and failure.

We know that small effort over a sustained period of time will generate traffic from Pinterest. And the actions are easy to take. But it’s so easy to knock it down the to the bottom of the to-do list because the results are not immediately seen and there’s no great immediate pain if we don’t do it.

So writing this blog post will also help to keep me accountable.

I have been actively following my Pinterest strategy for around 14 days.

In the last 30 days (to 18/11/17) Pinterest has sent 111 visitors to my website.

I’ll be back in 30 days time to update this traffic stat so we can see any progress being made.

Helpful resources:

Tailwind vs BoardBooster | And why I use them both
Free Tailwind webinar
Get a free month at Tailwind

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  1. Sarah Jane

    Since I have been using for automating my Pinterest account for around 8 months now, I thought of sharing my experience…
    It has been a great journey with PinPinterest as it has handled everything so well. I need not worry about the contents in my account, the pins on my boards as its intelligent artificial intelligence based tool does the trick. It learns and evolves following the way I do the work and replicates. This tool is also well optimised for the mobile phones and I have been using it on the go while working and even in my free time by accessing it through phone. Moreover, it is free and available on cloud so it did not even require me to install it on my PC even.
    Last but not the least, there are some advertisements that come with this tool but it is worth the work that tool does as also get to control the speed of the pins on the boards and stop my account from being brought under the radar for too much of an activity. Now that is simply great and due to this I have managed to get good number of followers which were almost negligible when I first started.

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