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The marketing emails your subscribers want you to send

Hey Laura, People have started signing up to my email list… what? What am I supposed to send them? I don’t want to clutter up their already overcrowded inbox. But I think it’s rude if I give them the silent treatment.

Ah, the delicate balance of email marketing mastery - let’s break this down into steps so simple even a baby giraffe could take them.

Step 1 - Consider your options.

Over the last 11 years 😮 of working online, I have received approximately a billion-gajillion marketing emails from the eleventy-thousand businesses I’ve subscribed to. That’s a whole lotta email research.

I’ve spotted three common email marketing strategies.

Email Marketing Strategy #1 - One Message, One Email

This business owner sends you an email E-V-E-R-Y time they have something to say.
They wrote a new blog post…
….. are launching a free challenge…
have something to sell…
….. created a new downloadable meditation track
adopted a dog…
… had a health scare…
had some personal experience that can be tenuously linked to a life lesson we all need to hear…

This business owner emails prolifically, but gives just one manageable message per email.

Reading their email is a quick win.

We feel productive once it’s done……and then a couple of days later BHAM their name is back in your inbox.

This works best if……you can commit to emailing at least once a week about something of value, you’re not shy (as you may be emailing several times a week), you have a product that you sell with a doors open/closed strategy and you’d like to weave those emails in amongst value-add or story-sharing emails.


Email Marketing Strategy #2 - The Round-Up (of news….not Woody’s Round-Up)

This business owner saves up all their news then hits you with it once a week/fortnight/month in an epic tome that makes War and Peace look like a light read.

More regular than a vegetarian with an addiction to prune juice.

Their emails are value-packed and there’s always something to click on.

This works best if… can commit to being available at the same time every week/fortnight/month to write your round-up email and you have multiple things each week/fortnight/month you want to share.


Email Marketing Strategy #3 - Set It And Forget It

Some call it lazy, I say super-efficient.

Look very carefully at these emails and you’ll notice there’s never any topical references.

Weather, celebrations, international news events, sporting occasions, what’s going on in their actual life - none of these things make it into their emails.

Because this forward-planning, energy-saving, productivity-boosting business owner has put you on a mahoosive auto-responder sequence giving you a guided tour of their best content.

This works best if you will be relevant to your subscribers for just a short window of time and you want to make sure they’re seeing your best content AND getting hit with some sales pitches - like anyone who works in the wedding industry.


But don’t take my word for it (based on just 11 years experience, a business degree, and multiple marketing & copywriting qualifications)…..plunder your own inbox (not like that you filthy animal) and see what you can find, like, admire and emulate.


Step #2 Choose what works for you AND your subscribers

I think it’s MORE important that you pick a strategy that you love, that works for your life, that you’re going to stick to. Because if you don’t, you’re not going to follow through with this.

Next, you should consider your audience.

How often do they check their email?

If you’re aiming for someone like my Dad, then your crusty old emails are going to linger in his personal inbox for weeks before they get glimpsed at then trashed - you’d definitely do better with an epic monthly round-up he can digest over a cup of coffee.

If you’re aiming for someone like me, who lives in her inbox, but has the attention span of squirrel vibed up on Red Bull and Skittles….you need to hit me with tiny morsels of information on a fairly regular basis.


Step #3 Test, Measure, Decide

Pick a time frame you’re going to test your strategy over - and stick to it.

Otherwise, you’ll pick a strategy, then the first time you get a disappointing response to your email, you’ll be tempted to switch strategies….until the next disappointment….and you get the idea.

You won’t learn anything like that.

You need data.

So test for at least 8-12 weeks.

Gather data.

Then decide.

You’re looking for these 5 signs of email marketing wizardry:

☑ Open rates go up (or stay level)
☑ Click rates go up (or stay level)
☑ You can trace sales from your subscribers
☑ People reply to your emails
☑ Your list is growing

There's more where that came from

There’s a whole workbook on email marketing in the Worditude Copywriting Toolkit, plus a whole heap of other good stuff to help you write content that connects with the same power as an in-person conversation.

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