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A good chunk of my Christmas spending took place on a website called Redbubble. My 10 year-old is obsessed with a rather niche game called Subnautica, and RedBubble is the only place I could get official merchandise for it. So while it was necessity that forced me to shop there, it is their outstanding branding and communication that has made me a fan for life.

This brand has definitely made it to my folder of copywriting awesomeness.

Just look at this label that came with a t-shirt I ordered:

And in keeping with their creative and ‘uncommon’ ethos, this label was attached with a teeny tiny wooden peg, rather than the usual plastic tag - how’s that for detail.

Check out their Facebook page and see how often the messages of ‘creative’, ‘uncommon’ and ‘artistic’ are reinforced by their updates, images and ‘About’ description.

Their About page is also a masterclass on how to create a simple page designed to meet the needs of two different audiences (buyers and artists). It does a good job explaining what the business model and mission is (which helps all readers) and then makes it clear what buyers and artists should do next.

OK, that’s enough swooning from me. Have a brand you rave about? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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