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Invest 154 seconds of your life in this video, and never feel despondent about your work again.

OK, maybe you will still sometimes feel despondent. Maybe sometimes you will still feel like all your efforts are wasted. Maybe sometimes you will still curl up under your desk, wrapped in your favourite blanket, sobbing ‘I’m just so tired, please bring me chocolate’…just me? Sometimes you will still feel out of your depth, but then you’ll remember this cute motivational lump of plastic, and you’ll drag yourself out from under the desk, load up the laptop and crack on.

I would add to that “forgive yourself the horror of your first published blog posts”. First attempts are rarely pretty, but the second effort will be better, and the third better still. If we don’t hit publish on that first slightly lame blog post, we’ll never get the chance to write the second, or third…or hundredth.

I love The School of Life videos. If you ever need a little pick-me-up head over to their YouTube channel and take a few minutes to be infused with loveliness.

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