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Writing keyword rich content without sounding clunky


Hey, Laura - When I try to include keywords in my copy, it sounds weird, stiff, even a little robotic. How can I optimize my content for search engine traffic while still making it good to read?

You’ve done your research.

Discovered the phrases your perfect customers are typing into search engines.

And created high-value content to respond to their queries.

But when you try to weave in your target keyword phrases, your copy ends up sounding like spam.

There’s something you need to know….

You don’t need to exactly match the keyword phrase multiple times.

Google is clever.

Let me show you.

As I’m writing this in the last week of November, let’s look up something festive - ‘advent calendars you fill yourself’.

Below there’s a screenshot of the first few results.

Any text in bold are words Google recognizes as highly relevant to the phrase I searched for.

Clever Google seems to understand what each page is about and how relevant it is to what I want, even when the words used on the page don’t exactly match the words I typed into the search bar 🤔😲😵🤯

If you want to research this more yourself, look into Latent Semantic Indexing - or, you can stay here and get some reassurance from three SEO pros who know their apples.

First up we have Stacey Overton from Unicorn Thesaurus:

Want to read more from Stacey?

Read her blog post: Why (and how) to optimize your blog for search engines

But she’s not my only SEO savvy friend.

Here’s what Martin from Jammy Digital has to say about it:

Last one - Anglea Bamford from chippped in with this.

Must admit it was a heck of a relief that they all agreed with each other - things coulda got ugly!

Other things that might be rather useful:

🔎 Need help finding keyword phrases for your content? Here’s a tutorial on nifty free tool.

✏ Need help writing the words for your website and blog? Everything you need is in the Worditude Copywriting Toolkit.

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