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You don’t need to write all your own blog posts. This doesn’t have to be a solo venture. Your website is not a one-woman (or man) enterprise.

When you hook up with other business owners and invite them to post on your blog, you’ll get:
* New content.
* A different voice offering a fresh perspective.
* Access to their audience.

What’s not to love?

Cross-Pollination Of The Business World

There are dozens (maybe hundreds) of businesses out there serving the same audience you reach, but helping those same people meet a different need. These businesses are your allies, not your competition. When you hook up with like-minded business owners, whose audience overlaps yours, you can create marketing magic.

Maybe you help soul-centered well-being conscious women to eat healthily. Your allies are the businesses who help soul-centered well-being conscious women to meditate, do yoga, stay fit and healthy.

Maybe you cut hair for fashion-savvy, businessmen in their 20s. Your allies are clothing retailers, show retailers, magazines, grooming product manufacturers, who target fashion-savvy, businessmen in their 20s.

When you collaborate with these businesses, you can present a stronger offer to your audience. “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. - James Cash Penney”. Inviting your allies to guest post on your blog is good for everyone. You get free content that appeals to your audience. Your audience gets targeted, engaging content from someone they might not otherwise have discovered. The guest poster extends their reach by connecting with your regular readers and social media tribe. And when the guest poster promotes the new content to their followers, your website gets in front of new people too.

You can see a great example of this type of collaboration in action over on Kate Northrup’s financial abundance blog. While Kate’s taking a few weeks away with her new baby, her blog is being looked after by her closest allies.

Find The Right Guest Writers To Your Blog

This is not a free for all. You need to protect your blog by only publishing high-quality, relevant, engaging content.

Take a pen and paper and spend a few minutes thinking about your audience. What is it that they really want to know? Are there some things that are related to what you do, but you don’t really feel qualified to talk about.

Get as many ideas for posts down as you can.

Now go through your list and start to match topics to authoritative writers, who you already have some kind of relationship with.

You need something in common, to be part of the same network, or have done business before. You should also keep it real. If you’ve got 500 Twitter followers, asking someone with 500,000 to give you free content is unlikely to result in a ‘yes’. There needs to be some kind of existing connection. When you invite them to guest post, warm them up by mentioning that connection.

I’ve guested with people in the same Facebook business groups as me, clients of mine, people who’s services I have used, people who left a comment on a blog post I’d read.

You won’t have a name against every post. That’s OK. Just focus on the ones you can tackle. Keep the list of ideas safe (wherever you store all your other blog post ideas) and in time people who can help with this will show up.

Sharing The Love

When you’ve secured a guest poster, don’t just take their free content and run. Share it on your social media accounts, link to it from your other relevant blog posts, maybe even spend a little money promoting it with Facebook ads. Then a few weeks later get back in touch to tell the poster how popular their post was.



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