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Not good with graphics? Me neither. I’m definitely a words, not pictures, girl. But a website without pictures just looks a little flat, so I’ve had to learn fast.

I’m no graphic designer, but I have found a few tools and services online that have helped me create professional-looking images without professionally-designed prices.

Finding The Right Colour

Before I give you this link, it’s only fair that I warn you….you are about to lose at least an hour of your life. This site is highly addictive, and I will not be held responsible for the extreme time wasting it causes.
OK, here goes.

If you need help choosing a colour scheme, look no further than This magical library of colour boasts thousands of palettes to choose from. They are searchable by keyword, colour, and even specific hex number. The stripes on my logo are lifted from a palette there.

Meet you back here in about an hour.

Finding The Right Design Elements

I’ve been managing websites for years, which means I have spent hours, and hours carefully scouring the Internet for THE right image to use with a blog post.

What a massive waste of time. I am now building up my own library of images and doodles that fit with the theme of the website. If I need an image for a post, I look in my library. There are around 200 images so far to choose from, at least one of them will do the job for any blog post that I write.

For a huge selection of stock images I use Deposit Photos. And the bulk of my library of doodles, washi tape and scrapbook elements have come from bundles sold at Creative Market*. Take a look at their ‘Free Goods’ section which gets updated every Monday.

Update: Kudos to Rebecca at Artemis Mindset Coaching for introducing me to Unsplash, home of free stock photos.

Finding The Right Canvas

There are two free online platforms most you should check out: PicMonkey and Canva. Both have a range of different size canvases to work with, elements, typefaces, everything you need to create graphics for your business. Canva also has its own collection of stock images which makes pulling together your design even easier.

For a more structured and supportive environment, head over to Designsta*. Created by a graphic designer, this membership site offers pre-made templates, backgrounds, design elements, and a helping hand via their Facebook Group. It was designed by an entrepreneur, for entrepreneurs.

Finding Your Design Mojo

I truly had no idea where to start with putting an image together, so I got a little helping hand. Louise over at Designsta created an awesome looking Facebook image for me, and I used that as inspiration for all my other graphics.

If you can, work with a pro to get one fantastic graphic put together. Then mentally deconstruct it to identify all the design elements that have gone into making it work. Initially, you can create similar images with slightly different colours and positioning. Then with practice, you will be effortlessly switching design elements in and out, before learning how to create your own images from scratch.

I’m not claiming to be wonderful at this, but with these tools, I’m getting by without needing to spend money every time I need a new graphic.

Now over to you. If there’s a graphics tool you love, tell me about it in the comments below.



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