Using Graphics To Pump Personality Into Your Online Content | A masterclass with Designsta - Worditude

Words are important but they’re not the whole shebang.

I’ve spent just as long tinkering with the graphics for my website as I have writing the web copy.

In this Masterclass interview graphic designer, Louise Clark, shares her tips for infusing personality into your online content using professional-quality, on-brand graphics.

Here’s the highlights:

03.00 - How business coach Nadia Finer has created striking yet simple branded graphics
07.00 - What not to do with creating your own printables
09.30 - How brand stylist Jessica Andrews creates a strong yet simple visual identity
10.30 - What’s a ‘transparent overlay’ and why you need them.
11.10 - How to use whitespace…..and why is it called that anyway.
13.50 - Don’t make this text + image mistake.
15.00 - How Katie Tovie-Grindlay incorporates photography into her online graphics (plus cute dog photos).
15.30 - How to make your library of photographs work ridiculously hard.
18.40 - I whimper out loud at the sight of a pup on a yacht.
18.50 - Louise starts to talk really fast because the electrician is coming round soon.
20.00 - How to get started creating your own online graphics on Designsta.
21.30 - I pretend to work in security.

Useful Links:

♦ Try out Designsta for yourself
♦ The place where I buy digital washi tape and other gorgeous graphics - Creative Market
Nadia Finer - Business Coach
♦ Jessica Andrews - Rabbit And Other Stories
♦ Katie Tovie-Grindlay - Woof Woof Network (consulting & support for pet-based businesses)

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