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Essential Copywriting Books For Beginners, Web Writers + Entrepreneurs

An Overlooked Wealth Of Wisdom

Books don’t usually get a whole lot of pre-launch hype. There’s rarely a Facebook group, or a crap-ton of Facebook Ads luring you to sign-up. And they’re usually priced at around £6.99 instead of £699.

As a result, they are often overlooked as a learning tool worthy of your time and money.

But there’s a lot to love about books.
♦ They’re affordable
♦ You can read plenty of reviews from real customers to see if it’s worthy of your investment.
♦ If it’s a printed book you can avert your tired eyes from a screen for while.
♦ You can use the contents page or index to skip through to the nugget of info you need right now.
♦ You can quickly go back to that nugget of info anytime you need to.
♦ You own it forever, the server won’t go down, the host won’t remove the content you’ve already paid for.
♦ When you don’t want it anymore, someone else can enjoy its value when you share, donate or sell it.

Is that enough book love to convince you to check out this list?

What’s less lovable
They get out of date fast. Especially anything related to Internet marketing. So always buy the most up-to-date edition available.

For those of you who love to learn and want to be a better copywriter, here’s a rundown of some of the best copywriting books available right now.

Copywriting Books For Beginners

copywriting book
Title: Copywriting For The Rest Of Us
By: Mike Shreeve, Internet entrepreneur
Price:Under $4/£2.50

A good place to get started if you are completely new to the concept of persuasive copy. Read this, then you will be ready for more in-depth books, courses and other resources.

Good For All Types Of Sales-Focused Web Copy

Web Copy That Sells Review
Title: Web Copy That Sells
By: Maria Veloso, advertising copywriter for 20 years +

Price:  £15.99

This is a comprehensive textbook that covers writing persuasive copy for a range of online communications including websites, emails, opt-ins and auto-responders. She also includes sections of the psychology behind getting people to buy and traffic generation strategies.

Good For Writing Copy That Connects

Writing For The Web Book
Title: Writing For The Web
By: Lynda Felder, experience digital content writer and college lecturer
Price: £18.99

This book is not about making sales. This book is about building the relationship that is necessary before you can make the sale. It’s about writing engaging content that will help you keep your readers attention after they have landed on your website. This is especially useful if you come from a corporate or printed copy background and need reconditioning in the ways of the web (your convoluted sentences and clever-sounding words aren’t going to work in this playground).

Good For People Who Don’t Think They Are Copywriters

copywriting book
Title: Everybody Writes
By: Ann Handley
Price: £16.99

This Wall Street Journal bestseller is aimed at upping your game when it comes to writing anything online, this book can help any entrepreneur that wants to communicate more clearly. There are sections writing landing pages, tweets, infographics, blog posts, as well as more general guidance on getting your words out. Ann Handley is an author, speaker, monthly columnist for Entrepreneur magazine and one of ForbesWoman’s top 20 woman bloggers.

Good As An On The Shelf Reference Guide

Copywriting sourcebook
Title: The Copywriting Sourcebook
By: Andy Maslen
Price: £14.99

Written by the creator of The Copywriting Academy and The Sunfish Writing Agency, this book is perfect as an off-the-shelf reference guide. It includes a section of every type of content you might want to write: a sales page, a press release, presentation, email, article…and more. For each content type Andy explains how to write it, what works and what doesn’t. You don’t sit down and read it in one go, then hope you’ll remember to implement the lessons. You just grab it off the shelf and put the learning into action immediately.

For Copywriting Geeks (My Favourite)

Title: The Boron Letters
By: Gary C Halbert
Price: £14.99

Letters from Gary, while he is in prison, to his son, teaching him everything he needs to know about writing persuasive copy.

I’m a book junkie. There are plenty of other excellent copywriting and marketing books out there. I’ve created a list in Amazon of the books included in this post, plus some others that are well worth your attention (I haven’t read them all, but they all come with great reviews).

For more book recommendations and to check the latest prices:
My Web Writing And Marketing Books wish list on*
My Web Writing And Marketing Books wish list on*

(*affiliate links)

I must give a special shout out to Made to Stick, by Chip and Dan Heath, and How The World Sees You, by Sally Hogshead, as both were game-changers for me. Neither are about copywriting but both hugely influenced my understanding of Internet marketing.

Now it’s your turn. In the comments below, or over on my Facebook page, tell me what’s your favourite copywriting book?

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