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‼️ Attn: Small business owners who (try to) write their own marketing content ✏️

Can’t find your writing voice? 📢 Steal someone else’s!

That’s what I do!

OK - maybe not STEAL. Borrow? Be inspired by? ✨

I know, I know, we’re supposed to be 100% authentic, show up as we are, be our true selves online. But when it comes to writing (brace yourself, this is harsh) just being you is not going to be enough.

There’s a huge difference between me right now - bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on a Saturday morning, in an empty kitchen, hyped-up on a fresh mug of coffee - vs me at 7pm yesterday after unclogging the dishwasher, cooking dinner and putting away the weekly shop. Domesticated Laura is dull as cold gravy and you don’t want to read anything she has to write. 😝 😴

I don’t just want to write like me. I want to write like me on a REALLY REALLY good day.

One of the ways I do this is to delve into my Copywriting Swipe File (yeah, I did just drop in some capitalized jargon, but only so I can commence the demystification process).

What Is A Swipe File In Marketing?

A ‘Swipe File’ is just a collection of examples.

You could have a Facebook Ads swipe file. Or a blogging headlines swipe file.

My Copywriting Swipe File is a collection of examples of my own and other people’s writing that help me settle into my writing voice.

I don’t actually write in exactly the same style as the authors included in this collection. But reading them gets me in the mood. Like porn for writing (tmi?)

Want to make your own folder of writing inspiration aka Copywriting Swipe File? Here’s how.

Copywriting Swipe File Content Ideas

* Books - take a photo of any sections of text that echo your own personality. Email the photo to yourself.
* Facebook Pages - Are there any pages that you personally enjoy because they connect with you? They’ll likely sound a little like you too.
* Inbox - The next time you are clearing out your inbox (or are you one of those freakishly organised people that always has an empty inbox?), instead of just hitting the delete key on every email, save some of the best and worst examples. If you want to add a comment to remind yourself what you loved/loathed about the text, forward the email to yourself and type in the space above the forwarded email.
* Your Existing Content - have you ever written something that you were damn proud of? A Facebook post that provoked a huge response from your audience? Or a blog post that captured the essence of who you are and what you believe in?

You can literally print out chunks of text and put them in a physical folder (sorry trees). Or you can add screenshots to a digital file (so long as you will actually open it from time to time).

How To Use Your Copywriting Swipe File

If you need a little inspiration to get into your writing voice, jump into your Swipe File.

After flicking through your Copywriting Swipe File you should feel compelled to leap up and sing one rousing chorus of ‘I’m not scared to be seen, I make no apologies, this is me’ Greatest Showman style - then you can write like you, on a really really good day. 👩‍🎤



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