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For people who struggle to write with a consistent brand voice/tone….

If your writing style varies across your website content, emails and social media, this video will help.

I discuss the reasons why this voice inconsistency happens + three things you can do about it.

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Highlights in text below of people who’d rather read than watch.

What causes Inconsistent Writing Styles?

Writing website content tends to be an occasion, it’s something that requires a lot of attention and effort and it’s usually written onto some kind of word processing document like Google docs or word or pages, and it’s usually done at a computer. It gets over-thought and the website content can sound a bit stiff and a bit corporate.

And the greatest contrast is when you compare that with social media content. Sometimes this is written on a computer. Sometimes a phone. Sometimes at the start of the day. Sometimes at the end. Sometimes fuelled by coffee. Sometimes under the influence of wine. The same can happen with emails.

And we end up with this huge variety in the way that we come across on our website content, social media and our marketing emails.

And this undermines the relationship that we’re building with that potential customer. We seem relaxed and friendly on social media and then they land on the website and they go, hang on, where did your personality go? You sound kind of beige and corporate and bland like everybody else.

That inconsistency makes it difficult to nurture to that customer relationship.

Three Tips To Eliminate Writing Style/Voice Inconsistencies

So now we’ve looked at how that inconsistency happens. I’m going to give you three tips to help you smooth it out.

#1 Create A Touchstone Piece To Refer Back To
Find the best example of your writing voice, that sounds like you a really, really good day. So you don’t want it to just sound like you. It’s you at your absolute peak, your most engaging, your most energetic, and charismatic.

You’ll likely find an example amongst your social media posts, as we tend to write those when we’re a bit more relaxed, especially if we’re using our mobile phones and we’re in a slightly different mindset. So it tends not to be as stiff and corporate as when we write emails or write website content.

So have a troll through your social media posts or your blog posts and see if you can find some piece of writing where you think, yes, this really sounds like me. This is how I want it to sound and how I want to come across to my audience. And that will be your touchstone piece of copy. And what you do is you just keep that to hand. So just know what it is, and when you’re needing to write new content, you just reflect back and read that touchstone piece. And it helps you to get into the frame of mind and you hear that tone of voice in your head, you know, that standard that you’re aiming for.

If you don’t have a piece of copy that springs to mind, I have got the easiest copywriting course you could ever do for business owners called The Toolkit. And that’s to help you write your touchstone piece.

#2 Create Boundaries Around When Your Write And Publish
I know it’s hard going because you’ve got so much to do, and marketing your own business gets bumped down to the bottom of the to-do list. And then in the evening you just want to wrap up work for the day, so you grind out that marketing email, or bash out that Facebook page update, just so you’ve got it done. It’s not your best work. And the writing style is dull and flat.

Try and plan ahead when you’re going to need to publish content and then write it when you’re in your best mood.

But if that’s not possible, when you get to the end of the day and that thing is at the bottom of your to-do list, do it, but don’t publish it. So do it. Get it written so that you’ve done the bulk of the work and then make that your first item on your to-do list for the next day so that as soon as you sit down, the hard work is kind of done.

And when you read it back, you’ll look at that and go, oh, that’s really flat and boring. I can definitely do better. And then you can just polish it up and add your personality into it then. And it will sound how you want it to sound.

#3 Get Yourself Into A Writing Mood
I do talk about this a bit in the Toolkit. I know that for me, my very best writing happens if I familiarize myself with the brief right before I go to bed and sketch out the page structure. Then when I wake up, I get a coffee and I start writing. I don’t do nay housework. I don’t look at emails or social media. I just write.

It’s not always possible for me to do that. So sometimes I need to just write something in the middle of the day, but instead of just doing it along with the list of admin and chores and other work that I have to do, I set aside some time that’s intentionally for writing that content. And I pad it with a break beforehand, so I follow that same pattern.

So that’s my own brand of how I get into my writing mood. That’s what works for me. It’s going to be different for you. Some people like to write when they have music on in the background. I 100% can’t do that, I have to have silence. And if I can’t get silence, I have my noise-canceling headphones on to try make it as quiet as possible.

And so you need to familiarize yourself with what works for you. And then you can write out your writing prescription: these are the circumstances under which I write best. And I promise myself that before I sit down to write something, I’m going to do this, this, and this. And put it somewhere where you’re going to remember it.



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