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1 - I decide *before* I see the offers how much I’m willing to spend.

2 - I look out for deals on services, software or products I’d be using anyway.

3 - I always do a quick Google for reviews on the product before I buy, and check how much it’s usually priced.

4 - I have a small ‘take a punt’ fund for things I’ve been curious about or wanting to try out - this is a small fund, and I am fully prepared for that money to be ‘wasted’ - taking a punt is for fun, not investment, and I’m careful not to confuse the two.

5 - I check for any recurring fees - for example the Siteground Hosting deal for Black Friday is usually a whopping 70% off - but the next year you renew at full price - which is a painful jump. For me, it was still worth it as they have saved my bacon multiple times - but look out for future expenses like this.

Preach over…..

Here are the deals….

📸📸📸 100 Deposit Photos credits for $49 with AppSumo =>>

👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️ Suzanne Dibble’s once-a-year only offer for the Small Business Law Academy is now live. Get 79% off her huge library of training and resources related to all things legal. I renew every year, and probably only consult it once a year - but I know it would cost me plenty of time and money trying to hunt down that info anywhere else.

It’s £147 plus VAT for 6 months access, then you can renew for £97 plus VAT for 12-months access:

📧📧📧 I’ve just upgraded my Wisestamp email signature from FREE to a pro account because it’s only half price ($36 for the year) - but the FREE version is so good, you don’t really need to go premium (I just did to say thanks) -

💰💰💰 17 hats is the client management and invoicing software I’ve used for the last 4 years - they’ve got big savings if you’re prepared to commit to 2 years minimum with them -

🧞‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧞‍♀️ Who wants to add income streams to their business AND/OR be a Convertkit wizard? Elizabeth Buckley-Goddard - offers Converkit training and support AND training to help you grow your business. I bought The Guides bundle last year (maybe the year before) and think it’s amazingly good value.

See all her offers here:

👩‍🏫👩‍🏫👩‍🏫 Thinkific - where I host the Copywriting Toolkit and my membership - is offering 7 months for the price of 5 plus other goodies - worth investigating if you have course/membership materials ready to start selling, and you’re already leaning towards them. Definitely not a decision you want to rush for the sake of saving $200 though:
Thinkific Black Friday Deal

Teachable - also a platform for courses and memberships, are offering savings when you commit to one of their premium plans for a year: Teachable Deals

💻💻💻 I’ve been with 4 different hosting companies, but Siteground is now my forever home. Read their sales pages for the official reasons why they’re great - but basically, any problems I’ve ever had have always been 100% my fault - and their chat support still helped me fix them, usually within minutes. I joined during their epic Black Friday offering. Now every year I have to renew at full price which is a bit hurty (compared to the very cheap BF rate) buuuuut worth every penny.
The deal won’t go live until tomorow (29th), but when it is up, you’ll find it here:
…and it’s there until the end of Cyber Monday.

🤩🤩🤩 Want to join Atomic but painfully skint? Access everything for just £1! The next payment doesn’t go out for 30-days - plenty of time to bump your revenue.
==> Try Atomic For £1

Need a leg-up on LinkedIn - here’s a message from LinkedIn expert Louise Brogan

“If you book one of my LinkedIn profile reviews this week, I will give you BONUS access to the TWO online summits I have curated over the last 18 months (see
The online summits have guest experts who share how to build your business online via social media, blogging, podcasting, video, speaking, putting on live events, YouTube and oh so much more - there are over 25 separate classes.
If you book one of my LinkedIn Profile Reviews for $150 (or any of my LinkedIn training) then you get the online summit content ENTIRELY FREE!
To book with me, visit
I have speakers such as Kate Erickson, Carol Cox, Ruth Kudzi, Jess Lorimer, plus my own classes on FB, Instagram and LinkedIn.”

Not at all work related but I ♥ it so much…The School of Life has 50% off some things - I’m hankering after a ‘Good Enough’ t-shirt: up to 50% off at The School Of Life

Makers of the Divi theme, Elegant Themes have Black Friday deals for new and existing customers: Black Friday deals

More To Come

That’s all for now folks. There are a few more sitting in my inbox that I’m not allowed to tell you about until they launch on Cyber Monday. I’ll be adding to this list as soon as I can.

And if you have any questions about the products listed here (I’ve used them all myself), feel free to email me at

* Some links are affiliate links which means if you buy from this seller I may receive a ‘thank-you’ commission.

For more information on affiliate links and how you can use them to supplement your business income read my very short guide to affiliate marketing.