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April 2022 Working Time And Income Report

I seemed to have scored myself a Buy One Get One Free offer for April - where instead of having 30 days worth of life, we managed to cram in 60 - it has been a whirlwind.

Worditude Ltd Income For April 2022


65 hours and 51 minutes in April = It worked out about 15.5 hours per week.

April was dominated by a tiny mole between my shoulder blades that needed to be evicted.

After a couple of appointments, it was removed on the 12th April, leaving behind 10 stitches, right between my shoulder blades, which meant I couldn’t lift things, stretch, or get my back wet (this made showering quite a challenge).

I knew my head would be discombobulated in the aftermath so decided to go offline for the whole week, plus the Easter bank holiday weekend.

I installed BlockSite on my phone to keep myself away from Gmail, Instagram and Facebook, and prepared to enjoy a deliciously quiet few days.

But that’s not how my brain works.

It took 24 hours to recover from the original kerfuffle on the Tuesday, but by Thursday my neurons were firing more frequently than a stormtrooper’s blaster.

Within a few days I’d written the material for a new course about messaging, used that material to re-position my own messaging, and re-written my website copy (at the time of writing this, the website copy isn’t live yet, but it’s coming soon).

This was all very exciting for the coming months, but was doing nothing for the bank balance in April.

A friend of mine asked me the other day ‘I’d love to know what offers you make most of your money from’.

Great question.

Scary answer: ‘whichever one I’m promoting’. Which means if I’m not actively promoting a thing, I’m not making many sales.

I do make some course sales - but this amounts to a few hundred pounds a month, not thousands. And I have one retainer client.

But that was fine, because I had a plan for April because during my mole-eviction-induced kinda-rest period, I’d made two decisions….

#1 Putting the price up of my Virtual Day

When I originally launched this offer back in January, it was priced at £297 for the launch price , rising to £447 for its ‘normal’ price. I started with a low launch price because I wanted to get 5 or 6 early sales so I can see if I enjoyed doing this, if it got results and to get a better feel for what was involved.

And the £447 price was a guestimate based on what I thought the days would achieve for the client, and the number of Virtual Days I was capable of each month.

I’ve done more than a dozen of these days so far, and I absolutely LOVE them. My clients have experienced breakthroughs in the way they structure their offers, and how they price and sell them. But the days are far more intense for me than I’d imagined, and involve my undivided attention for several hours each day.

So I decided to put the price up to £595 (I have no idea why sometimes I end prices with the 5 and sometimes a 7 - this is not a strategic decision).

And I thought that telling people the price was going up would drum up a few sales at the end of the month.

But I was mistaken.

More on that later.

#2 Launching the One To Another Mentorship

Quite a few of my Virtual Day clients, got to the end of the day and wanted to know what was next - they wanted a way to keep working with me, but I didn’t have that option.

I also had a few former clients who were asking about how to get copy mentoring from me on a regular basis.

So I invented a thing.

The One To Another Mentorship.

Mentorship because I don’t call myself a coach. I really don’t gently help people come to their own realisations. I do a whole lot more telling, instruction and example setting.

And the name One To Another was more of a commitment to myself. I’m focussing on people who sell their expertise to other people. They are one human, selling the thing they are good at, to another human. Not someone selling to corporates. Or businesses into mass marketing.

Because the Universe has a wicked sense of humour, the very first person to apply for One To Another was looking to sell to corporates, and I am extremely proud of myself that I pointed them in the direction of a marketing coach that would be a better match for what they needed.

I did the same with someone who runs a product-based business.

Alongside being clear on who the mentorship was for, there were other decisions I made to make it as sustainable and enjoyable for me as possible:

a) It’s open evergreen - I just can’t be doing with hustling people to join by a deadline, then not making any sales for months until the doors open again.

b) I’m ‘pausing’ for August - Anyone with an active membership that covers August will have an extra month tagged on the end. A few people have also chosen to pause for July which suits me - more time at the beach.

c) It is completely Zoom free – No group calls. No video chats. No live teaching. It’s pre-recorded courses, Voxer chats, and copy-feedback via shared documents and Loom videos.

Where That April Income Came From

I didn’t sell a single Virtual Day during that ‘price increase’ promo week - I suspect because I was promoting the Mentorship at the same time, which distracted, and cannibalised sales. I am fine with that though because the price needed to go up - I wasn’t increasing it as a sales tactic, I was increasing it so that the price represented a fair value-exchange for the service.

Two-thirds of the sales in April came from selling places on the Mentorship (11 in total) - and many of those clients are on payment plans, so now I can enjoy some recurring income for the next couple of months, which gives me a little breathing room while I sort out some evergreen sales funnels and consistent marketing.

Now, this may sound like I’m making excuses, but I do think it’s worth a mention…..

On the Monday evening of the week I was promoting the Virtual Day price rise, and new One To Another mentorship, Mr Worditude shuffled through the front door clutching his arm - which he had clearly broken. He fell on it while playing football and has a radial head fracture (elbow). Timing-wise this did scupper my promo efforts a little. I had pre-scheduled some social posts, and managed a couple of emails, but I’m sure if I’d been a little more present and energetic I could’ve done better. But on the other hand, I didn’t want to set myself up for too much client work over May and June because he can’t drive for 6-weeks.

Things I Invested Time And Money In (and one thing I didn’t)

#1 Stopped Copyblogger Membership

I had a little freak out when Copyblogger auto-renewed a $395 annual membership with no warning at all. I’ve dipped into the resources a couple of times, but didn’t find the platform easy to use, and seemed to miss most/all of the regular communications about what was going on inside the membership, so I hadn’t planned on renewing, but had been happy to recommend to others. I was not at all happy to have the amount taken automatically. There was nothing on the sales page or the original invoice to indicate that this was a recurring amount. I’ve had a refund (less transaction fees both ways) but it’s definitely made me wary of recommending them as it wasn’t a fun experience.

#2 Completed Clare Josa’s Inner Critic Bootcamp

It took a little longer than 6 weeks because some life happened that meant I didn’t stick to the schedule. I can really feel a difference in how confident I feel in myself, and the way I talk to myself (in my head, not out loud). And I feel better equipped to make decisions from this place of confidence rather than fear and self-doubt. I don’t think I’d have moved so quickly on the idea of a Mentorship if I hadn’t taken the courses - actually I think it’s helping me decide and act more quickly in all areas of my life.

#3 Signed up to Jaz Ampaw-Farr’s Human First Academy

Jaz gave me a 2-miunte pep-talk right before I went on stage at Atomicon 21. That was easily worth several hundred pounds thanks to its immediate impact and lasting influences, so when Jaz launched her new membership, I was happy to buy in, sort of as a ‘thank you’ for what she’d already given me, and also to be allowed into her world. I’ve done the first course, which has helped me get some clarity over my priorities and I’m excited to dig into the rest of the courses over the next few months. The first line of the sales page says: “Be the human you were designed to be instead of the human the world says you should be” - you’ll never see a better sales pitch!

#4 Renewed with Elizabeth Buckley-Goddard’s Profitable Playground

I’ve been in Lizzy’s Profitable Playground for almost six months now, and I’ve definitely felt more confident to run my business my way. This is the least structured programme I’ve ever been in. Instead of instructions on how to build a successful business, it feels like Lizzy provides a collection of ideas and examples of things that have work for her (and others), and the space and encouragement to explore, play and make decisions that suit me, my business and my life.

#5 Kerstin Cable’s Podcasting Course

I haven’t opened this course yet, but I have an idea for a podcast. Maybe a limited series. I’ve been mulling it over for about a year and buying this course was my way of shuffling towards making it happen.

#6 Kimberly Costa’s Creative Spark Summit - Spark Pass

I haven’t looked at any of these materials yet either because they’re not for me. They’re for artistic Son#1 who’s mithering over what kind of job to get over the Summer holidays when he is actually in no way cut out to work for someone else. Of course I’ll be supportive if he does choose paid employment, I also wanted to show him how other people earn money from their art.

#7 Alice Jennings’ Ten Minute Tech Club

Alice mentioned the idea for this membership a few months ago and I was already sold on it then. It’s one new idea each week that’ll help me use tech to be more organised. I could not need this more!

I told you I was spendy!

Wanna see how this pans out?

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