Work With Laura

Winter 2023/24

Offers and Availability for December - February

Hello, friend.

I’ve finally figured out what my availability is around Son#2’s gloriously full, and constantly evolving home-ed schedule and updated all my Calendly events 💪 (and yes, I will be rewarding myself for getting organised).

And now I am ready to throw my diary open and welcome you lovely business owners into my life.

Here are three ways we can work together over the next few months.

Unjumble Sessions

What it is: 20 minutes of remote marketing mentoring via Voxer.

Who it’s for: People who sell their genius as 1-1 services, courses, programs, and memberships.

Why you might want it: You want more money/clients/both but you’re in a bit of pickle trying to figure out what to do first, next, last and maybe never.

Every thought leads to a new question, eight brilliant ideas, six worries, and some new questions, and then the cycle starts over, while your Head Jumble gets exponentially bigger.

By the end of the 20 minutes you’ll know what you need to focus your time, attention and energy on next AND you’ll be super-keen to get on and do it.

Price: £47

1-1 Virtual Hour via Voxer

What is it: One-off, no-commitment opportunity to work together on your marketing.

Who it’s for: Whoever wants access to my brain. I am most familiar with helping online businesses that sell 1-1 services, courses, programmes, and memberships. I’m also totally happy speaking with other copywriters who have business/career questions.

Why you might want it: Business strategy, offer creation, launches, sales funnels, figuring out why something isn’t selling, working out how to upsell cross-sell or downsell a thing, changing an offer you’re no longer in love with.

Price: £247

3 Months Marketing Mentoring

What it is: Mentoring to package, promote and sell your expertise in a way that works for you.

For people who sell their skills, knowledge and experience as 1-1 services, programmes, courses, memberships and more.

We can collaborate on:

  • Creating new offers or tweak existing ones
  • Clear, aligned, conversion-focussed messaging
  • Marketing content that leads to sales
  • Sales funnels
  • Launches

Get access to all my existing courses, weekly accountability check-ins, Voxer office hours twice per month, plus feedback on your marketing material and sales copy.

Why I love it: My favourite way to work with clients. I become an integral part of your business for 3 months. Perfect for when you want to gather momentum, change direction, or establish your identity and reputation in a particular area.

Price: £997 for 3 months

Sales Copy Collab

What it is: A 5-day done-together 1-1 experience to create your offer, its sales page, and launch / evergreen marketing content to get it in front of people.

Price: £1497

Conversion Boost Review

What it is: Video review of your sales page (or brochure) for a 1-1 service, coaching package, course, membership, program or mastermind.

Actionable ideas to win more sales and clients from your website or sales funnel — or your money back.

Price: £97

My Voxer obsession

Voxer is a free-to-use voice-messaging app. It’s like using the voice message feature on Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.

In my experience, providing support via Voxer:

  • Improves the quality of support as we both have time for reflection, thought and inspiration before replying to messages
  • Is less energetically draining because we aren’t talking over each other, looking at a screen, trapped in our chairs. I definitely think better when I pace, or when stroking a cat, so I’m likely to be touring the house while chatting with you.
  • It’s easier for you to take action while we talk. You can take notes, listen to messages over again, ask me to clarify things. The pace is slower but the insight is deeper.


Want to try it out before you commit to working with me via Voxer?
Listen to this Voxer message from me, download the free app to your phone, and come and say hi.


Wondering how you can use Voxer in your business?
It’s especially wonderful if you’re a Spoonie (like me), or have a less ordinary home-life (also me).
This free training from Lizzy Goddard on creating a Voxer-based 1-1 offer is absolute gold (affiliate link).