Work With Laura

Availability for the middle-ish bit of 2024

Hello, friend.

Want a bit of copywriting and marketing support for your online business?

Here are four ways we can work together:

Conversion Boost Review - borrow Laura’s copywriter perspective

What it is: Video review of your sales page (or brochure) for a 1-1 service, coaching package, course, membership, program or mastermind.

Who it’s for: People who sell their genius as 1-1 services, courses, programs, and memberships.

Why you might want it: Actionable ideas to win more sales and clients from your website or sales funnel — or your money back.

Price: £97

Availability: I only sell 3 of these each month

3 months Comfy Marketing Mentoring - Next intake is April 2024 (then September 2024)

What it is: Mentoring to package, promote and sell your expertise in a way that works for you.

Who is it for: Usually my mentoring clients come to me because they’re ready for a change and they want my support and guidance as they do it AND they want to get better at marketing and copywriting in the process.

Things I have helped clients with include:

  • Moving an in-person business online
  • Changing niches
  • Increasing appeal by narrowing their niche
  • Launching a membership
  • Closing a membership
  • Adjusting the way they work to adapt to a significant life event

Get access to all my existing courses, weekly accountability check-ins, Voxer office hours twice per month, a 20-minute Voxer chat every month, plus feedback on your marketing material and sales copy (if you write it for your business, then I’ll give feedback on it - 2-3 day turnaround).

Why I love it: This is my favourite way to work with clients. I become an integral part of your business for 3 months. Perfect for when you want to gather momentum, change direction, or establish your identity and reputation in a particular area.

Price: £997 for 3 months

Availability: Want to work with me during the middle-ish bit of 2024? The current intake closes 19th April, so we can be all wrapped up before the end of July (and I can take a few weeks off work). The next intake (after April) will be September 2024.

Sales Copy Collab

What it is: A 3-day done-together 1-1 experience to create your offer, its sales page (or a brochure), and launch / evergreen marketing content to get it in front of people.

Who is it for:

People who have

  • an idea for a thing but need help shaping it up and communicating it via a sales page and launch emails/social posts
  • an existing thing that could use some love, attention, trimming and blitzing…..and then want a sales page and launch emails/social posts that communicate its full glory
  • an existing thing they adore but it needs new sales page and marketing copy for relaunching or selling evergreen.


Why?: You want your sales copy written by a professional; and/or you don’t have time to do it yourself right now; and/or you want to upgrade your copywriting skills by collaborating with a pro.

Price: £1497

Availability: I offer an average of one of these per month. Check the page for next available slot.

My Voxer obsession

Voxer is a free-to-use voice-messaging app. It’s like using the voice message feature on Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.

In my experience, providing support via Voxer:

  • Improves the quality of support as we both have time for reflection, thought and inspiration before replying to messages
  • Is less energetically draining because we aren’t talking over each other, looking at a screen, trapped in our chairs. I definitely think better when I pace, or when stroking a cat, so I’m likely to be touring the house while chatting with you.
  • It’s easier for you to take action while we talk. You can take notes, listen to messages over again, ask me to clarify things. The pace is slower but the insight is deeper.


Want to try it out before you commit to working with me via Voxer?
Listen to this Voxer message from me, download the free app to your phone, and come and say hi.


Wondering how you can use Voxer in your business?
It’s especially wonderful if you’re a Spoonie (like me), or have a less ordinary home-life (also me).
This free training from Lizzy Goddard on creating a Voxer-based 1-1 offer is absolute gold (affiliate link).