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Website content in need of a makeover?

If your website copy no longer reflects you and your business, it’s time for an update.

Maybe your website copy was written in a hurry?

Maybe your business has evolved?

Maybe you’ve got a clearer idea of who you want to work with?

So now your website needs a revamp, and you need copy that connects with the same power as an in-person conversation.

Let me help you with that.

Resources Mentioned In The Video

You’re paying to give that website a home (its hosting) so it needs to be working hard for your business.

The website checklist pdf will help you assess whether your online home needs a slight polish or a complete overhaul and show you where to turn your attention too first.

I also have these blog posts which will help you write your website content:
♦ Here’s 3 simple changes to make your services page more effective
♦ This is why writing your About page is so flipping awkward
Please, please don’t use this word on your website

Copywriting Toolkit For Small Online Businesses - So you can do it yourself - £25

For an instant upgrade to your copywriting skills, website copy, and online marketing content, get yourself the Copywriting Toolkit. This beautiful bundle includes workbooks to help you:
♦ Rewrite your website content (inc Home, About and Sales templates)
♦ Launch a new course/membership/package
♦ Turn visitors into leads, and then buying customers
♦ Send marketing emails to your list
♦ Make effective use of your blog.

Get all the info here.