Self-Full Festival
for Business-Builders

Get full of yourself

Dates tbc - possibly June/July 2023

Being a brilliant business-builder requires an epic amount of self.

Self-assuredness to have the audacity to believe you can make it as your own boss.

Self-confidence to invest your mind and heart into the work you do, then lay it out in front of your clients and await their response.

Self-care so you don’t end up burnt out like a crispy piece of over-fried bacon.

Self-respect to know what your needs, wants, preferences and boundaries are, and build a business that honours those.

Self-esteem to know that what you do and know is valuable, and you are worthy of being paid handsomely for that.

Self-expression to build connection and trust with the people who find you online.

This would come naturally if we were full to brimming with a sense of self 100% of the time, but alas, our self-ness gets…

Stifled by growing up hearing ‘don’t be so full of yourself’.

Buried under the humdrum reality of everyday life (peeling potatoes, cleaning up cat hairballs, driving the kids around).

Eroded by comparisons we make of ourselves to other people (but they started their business after me…..why have they got more followers?!?!?).

Shaken when certain-types-of-coach (not all) try to sell us stuff (in a not very friendly, quite aggressive way) who don’t respect that we may want to do things our way, and have a business that suits OURSELVES, not a business that’s a replica of their ‘success’.

Constantly attacked by our own wittering inner monologue of criticism (or is that just me?).

The Self-Full Festival is a ridiculously generous giveaway of online resources that’ll help you fill yourself back up, and put more of yourself into your business.

As this doesn’t exist yet, and only entered into my imagination a few days ago, here is my best guess of what that’s going to look like:

Self-Full Goodie Bag

A collection of online courses, tools and resources gifted by business owners. These products are not normally available for free - they are either available to buy separately or are only usually available as part of a bigger offer.

Self-Full Freebie Directory

Out there across the Internet are hundreds of blog posts, lead magnets, podcasts, Instagram accounts and other freely available content that can help you in your quest to be more Self-Full. So (with your help) I’m gathering them into a directory so we can all enjoy uplifting screen time that helps us feel more like ourselves.

Self-Full Redemption Fortnight

A Facebook group, some emails, some gentle guidance to help you identify which of the many Goodie bag goodies you want to make use of, make sure you sign-up to access them by the deadline, then plan in some time to actually use them. Maybe some interviews.

Yes, there will be things you can buy (from me and the other contributors), but my intention is for the main shebang to be free.

Yes, you may feel initially totally bedazzled by the number of goodies available to you, but my intention is to create some structure and support to help you make the most of this glorious array of opportunities.

And yes, you will wrap up the Self-Full Festival feeling full of yourself and ready to sprinkle that beautiful selfness all over your business.

You in?