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But before you head-off to find it, here are some other resources that will help you get your new thing selling successfully superly speedily:

Conversion Crushers

Free short video course - 5 common mistakes that could be accidentally repelling clients. Find out what these are now, and you can set your sales page up for success from the very first day.

Alternative to Pain Points

Free blog post - If you wouldn’t describe your prospects as having a pain or problem, this will help you write that key opening section of your sales page.

Why you need to let your sales copy slide, not see-saw

Free blog post (plus video) - Building momentum on your sales page helps guide the reader effortlessly towards the call-to-action at the end. Here’s how you make this journey smoother.

Irresistible Offers

(Brilliant) course, £97 - A successful sales page starts with an Irresistible Offer. This course walks you through the key characteristics of your offer, to help you make it as compelling as possible, AND you’ll review your entire offer line-up so your virtual shop window is stocked ONLY with offers that are a HELL YESSSSSSS for you and your clients.

The Worditude Alliance

Facebook group, free - for anyone who’s downloaded a Worditude resource or joined a Worditude course. Head on over for help selling your services, programmes, courses or membership.

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