Sales Copy Done in a Day with Laura

£595 (saving £400 on regular VIP Day Rate with Laura) - 5 3 slots available Summer 2023

For talented humans who sell their genius as 1-1 services, courses, programs, and memberships.

6-hours of remote copywriting collaboration and co-creation via Voxer and shared documents (no face-to-face calls needed) to write your sales page plus twiddly bits

Sales Copy Done in a Day is for:

Sales pages designed to sell directly from the page, with no additional steps (like discovery calls or application forms) needed before the purchase is made. These are typically used for courses, memberships and group programs - but can also be suitable for 1-1 services, coaching packages or masterminds.

Lead generation pages PLUS brochure PLUS twiddly bits like emails and thank you pages. These are used when there are multiple steps to the sales process like discovery calls, applications, creating quotes or scheduling dates. Tend to work best for higher priced offers, and 1-1 services.

When you have no idea which of those options will work best for the things you want to sell - because we’ll figure it out during our kick-off chat at the start of the day.

Approximately how our day together will unfold

Step 1: Making Sure I Understand Your Offer

We kick off our day together with a Voxer chat.

Tell me about the thing you’re selling, how much it costs, what’s included for the price and who buys it.

I will ask you a bunch of questions.

I’ll then fill out an Irresitible Offers Outline document and send that to you, so you can check I’ve really understood the task at hand.


Step 2: Sales journey planning

We’re back on Voxer and collaborating on a Google doc at the same time, to map out the sales journey, from the moment someone is mildly interested in your thing, until they’ve received it.

I’ll list out all the different pieces of copy we need to create a friction-free purchase process for your prospects.

This may include a sales page or a lead generation page, an application form, a brochure, a calendar booking page, thank you pages, and/or delivery emails.

Step 3: I write the copy, you help

It’s a collaboration, so don’t stray too far from your computer because I’ll need your input to get this right.

I’ll write the sales copy for the page/brochure and twiddly bits, with regular questions to you via Voxer, and you’ll be able to leave comments and suggestions on the document we’re working on.

Step 4: Feedback And Amends

I send you the First Draft.

And when I say ‘First Draft’ what I mean is, the first time I’m happy to send it to you for your feedback. I’ve already done two or three rounds of reading and amends before then.

You can leave comments and suggestions on the document, and/or leave me Voxer messages.

I’ll keep adjusting the copy until you’re happy (or we run out of time).


Step 5: You Create The Thing (This happens AFTER our day together)

You turn our Google docs of text into website pages and/or a brochure that other people can see.

Then (totally optional) send it to me if you’d like me to give feedback via a screenshare video.

When you’re happy with your live sales copy, give me a nudge (and the URL) and I’ll happily share it in my Facebook group and on my weekly email newsletter.

“I spent a day with Laura to look at the messaging on my sales page and it was completely invaluable. Working with Voxer meant it was a fun day of targeted activity and I ended the day wanting more! Laura understood our business straight away and directed me to fix everything that was wrong.

Getting our main sales page right is going to be pivotal to our business and I can’t wait to see new members joining us now they know exactly what The Declutter Hub offers.”

Lesley Spellman

Why I love it:

You are the expert on your business and your audience and the thing that you sell.

I am an experienced copywriter & online marketer.

So together we’ll make a pretty powerful combo.

Because it’s Voxer and not Zoom it fits around our lives. Want to make yourself a cuppa - go ahead. Need to feed the cat, or answer the phone, or open the door for the delivery driver - go for it. 




or 2 x £299

Save £400

5 3 spaces available


Can I change my date?

No worries, life happens. Please try to give me as much notice as possible, and at least 24 hours. You can email me, or adjust the time/date via the confirmation email you get from Calendly (my calendar manager)

Will you write the copy for me?

Yes, and this is very much a Done Together operation.

I will write the first drafts, then send them to you with highlights where I need input from you.

Then you work on the document and send it back.

The copy created during our day together will be a collaborative effort.

I'll have children at home

Firstly, I will not be at all bothered if halfway through a voice message you trail off because a kid is asking you for snacks. I have worked with home-based business owners for a very long time, and I am totally comfortable with home life interruptions (true story, someone once ducked out of a call with me because she could smell smoke….her kids had set something on fire in the kitchen).

Secondly, small breaks in the day will help create space in your brain for things to fall into place and new ideas to come in. So driving small people around, picking up some groceries, making lunch…..everyday life is your friend during the process.

What’s not ideal is if you’re going to have something dominating your focus for a couple of hours or more - best to schedule for another day because as much as possible, you’ll want this day to be about you, and your business, and dedicating your brain space to the sales process we’re working on.

Do you guarantee we’ll get the whole project done?

Nope. We’ll make a plan at the start of the day to be sure we’re focussing on your top priorities, but we will also go wherever you take us. You might start with one intention, get the answers they need, decide to work on that another day and switch focus for the day. Equally, you might choose to spend longer on one smaller topic because that feels like a good use of our time together - for example, exploring what you do and don’t want to include in an offer. At the time of writing this, I have completed Virtual Days with five different clients and they have all asked to work with me again - not because we didn’t finish what was planned - but because they were so blown away with what we achieved, and the insights they gained, that they wanted to work with me on other areas of their businesses.

You’re not available on any dates that would work for me

No worries, email me at and I’ll see if there’s any flexibility in my calendar (and by that I mean, I’ll ask my husband if he can do some of the pick-ups, drop-offs and home stuff, so I can free up a date for you).