Wow - what a week!

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Here’s a list of helpful relevant resources to help you take your next steps.

Some of them are free, some of them are paid. We’re not saying you need to buy everything here. We’re gently placing these offers in front of you in case they’re useful to you - and that’s how I want you to see your sales page –  you’re just communicating to people what’s available to them - you’re being helpful!

More From Worditude

The Weekly Swipe

Free copywriting tutorial sent every Wednesday - Upgrade your copywriting skills in 5 minutes per week.

The Copywriting Toolkit

 Downloadable workbooks that help you tackle your website, launches, email marketing and more. £25 until 10th April only.

The Worditude Club

Join my tribe of business-builders honing their copywriting skills by getting personal feedback and edit suggestions on their website copy and marketing content.

More From Jammy Digital

Make Your Mark Online

BUILD and GROW your own beautiful WordPress website that attracts visitors, generates leads, and makes sales.

More From Sara Moseley

Coming soon

More From Amber Powers

WordPress Masterclass

Learn how to set up your hosting and domain name (and what that actually means!), how to install WordPress and the essential plugins you need to get started.

Website SOS

Whether you need a bit of tech advice or you need a whole new sales page created, Amber is offering help at a discounted hourly rate. Prices start from just £15 depending on what you need!

More From Nadia Finer

Sweat Free Sales Pack

Download Nadia’s Sweat Free Sales pack to make your sales conversations and conversions less stressful and more successful (even if you’re really shy).

Shy and Mighty Society

The Shy and Mighty Society is a squad of shy people committed to achieving success in a way that feels good and works with their shyness. Work WITH your shyness and unlock your full potential with the Shy and Mighty Society.

More From Nicole Donaldson

Free Regulate & Recalibrate Sessions

Weekly group EFT sessions - dates & times vary to suit different time zones.
Regulate & Recalibrate your mind and your emotions during this crisis. Sign up to receive updates and access to the sessions.

75 Minute Breakthrough Session

A Breakthrough Session is perfect for clearing fears, stress and uncertainty; for gaining clarity, increasing confidence or for improving focus and ability to take action during the crisis. It is completely tailored to the client to create a Breakthrough so they can think clearly, take decisive action and achieve their desired outcome.
Normally $375AUD. With the code “calm2020” it’s only $125AUD until April 30.