16 FREE resources to help you plan or pivot your business right now

Looking through my client list I can see for some people the next few months will be almost business as usual, and for others it’s time to ramp up their efforts as the work they do is deeply needed in the world right now.

But for a sizable number of businesses, it’s time for a pivot.

If your income projections for the next few months are nosediving faster than a kestrel locked-on prey, ransack this list of FREE resources to help you find alternative revenue sources (presented in no particular order).

1. Janet Murray, Generate Rapid Income With Power Hours - Bonus Podcast

Get paid for sharing your wisdom with people who need it.

Power Hours (one-off consultancy calls) can be a great way to generate additional income in your business. And they’re a quick and easy way to take your offline services and deliver them online.

In this special bonus podcast Janet shares practical tips on how to create your Power Hour, including:

  • What you need to consider when you are putting your offering together.
  • How to create a power hour even if you have a product-based business. 
  • How to promote your Power Hour even if you haven’t got an email list yet.
  • How to deliver your Power Hour and the tech you can use.

2. Jessica Lorrimer, Selling Legend - Facebook Post

If selling feels a little icky right now, read this post from Jess about why we need to just keep selling, sell, sell, sell.

3. The Membership Guys, FREE Member Machine e-book (worth £9.99)

For a limited time membership legends Mike and Callie are making their book “Member Machine” available for free download.

If you need to add an income stream or move an offline business online, this is worth a read.

(no email required)

If you want to sign-up to their email list, you can do that and get their Membership Blueprint for free here:

4. Free Webinar, Gentle Life Coach, Emily Hodge

On Wednesday 18th March Emily hosted a free zoom session for business owners to plan and manage their business during the pandemic.

It’s a positive, practical and encouraging session so you feel empowered in what you can do and control during this time, covering:
- managing your mindset
- managing your money
- managing your comms with customers/clients
- planning for the next 12 weeks

5, 6, 7 and 8. Female Entrepreneur Association Podcasts That’ll Help Right Now

5 Simple But Profitable Business Ideas
Podcast Interview with Christine Tylee - Building A Successful Business In The Face Of Unimaginable Adversity
Podcast Interview With KC Rossi - The Power Of Relentless Perseverance
Podcast Interview With Jane Middlehurst - Pivoting In Your Business When Change Comes About

9. Hold Meetings And Presentations Online For Free

Zoom is an online software that lets you host meetings and presentations online. Like video chat - but posher, more professional, without funny filters.

The free plan enables you to host an unlimited number and unlimited length 1-1 meetings, and you can also host group meetings of up to 100 participants, up to 40 minutes duration.

10. FREE Access To Digital Marketer Lab (no credit card required)

This huge library of resources is usually $997 per year to access.

Ryan Deiss is offering access to a sample of the library for FREE, at least until the end of March, with NO credit card details required.

11. Worditude Sales Page Challenge

5-days to write a brand new sales page.

In bite-size daily training videos and tasks, I’ll walk you through the process of creating a sales page to either collect leads, or convert on the page- whatever you need.

I had this planned already for the back-end of April. I’m pulling it forward, most likely to the 30th March (tbc). They’ll be a pop-up Facebook group. And it’ll be the most positive, forward-focussed free help you can get right now.

To stay in the loop, give me your best email address and I’ll be in touch with details soon.

Now Closed

12, 13 and 14. Resources From Branding Expert Amy Caiger

Created way back when our current situation only existed in Hollywood movies, these podcasts/posts are helpful to anyone wondering what they should offer, to whom.

3 Questions to discover your perfect niche

How to define your A-list client

How to go from being the jack-of-all-trades to the go-to expert

15. LinkedIn Love Your Leads Challenge

Cathy Wassell’s 5 day Love Your Leads challenge will help you optimise your profile, focus your efforts and get better results from LinkedIn.

16. 10 things you can do in your sewing business right now

Nicky Merrick’s blog post has a list of 10 things you can do in your sewing business while the world is in lockdown. These are all the things that need doing, but often get overlooked and placed at the bottom of the priority list! There is no better time than now to have a crack at them and see what you can get done.

Things That Aren’t Free - But Might Be What You Need

Make Your Offline Services Available Online

Janet Murray has pulled together this Emergency Response Plan resource to give business owners access to the courses and resources that will be most helpful to them right now.

It’s designed for people who offer 1-1 in-person services and need to get them online pronto.

One-Off Business Coaching Session

My business bestie and brilliant business coach, Nadia Finer, is offering one-off coaching sessions for business owners who need to pivot (called Lemon-Aid). They’re not free but they are a) discounted from her usual rate and b) available as a no-strings one-off call (rather than a larger package).

I am literally right here

If you need to pivot, plan, create content, overhaul your website, launch something new….whatever you need to do - I’m right here.

Email laura@worditude.co.uk and tell me what help or support you need, and I’ll get back to you with options, which will include (but isn’t limited to) what I can offer for free.

And if you know of another epicly useful resource that should be included on this list, email me about that too please.

We really are in this together.

*Links marked with a star are affiliate links. This means that if you later go on to buy something from this website I may get a ‘thank you’ commission which is paid out of the seller’s profit (you don’t pay a penny more). Learn how to add passive income to your business with this Beginner’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing. link https://worditude.co.uk/blog/affiliate-marketing/