The Persuasion Power-Ups Sample Lesson

Discover and implement one of the seven Power-Ups (for totally free)

This lesson is borrowed from my Persuasion Power-Ups course, to help you decide if the course is right for you, right now.

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Persuasion Power-Ups

A self-study course for people who sell their expertise as 1-1 services, packages, programmes, courses and memberships

Stop replicating the sales tactics you see other high profile entrepreneurs use and start developing your own unique, more effective, persuasion style instead

A persuasion style that feels good for you and your audience.

A persuasion style that works.

A persuasion style you can use to encourage more people to read, subscribe and buy.

No brain hacking or eyeball hijacking. (That blend of machismo and fear does work, and if that’s what you want, I’m not judging you - but that is not what this course is all about.)

I can help you enjoy selling - no, really, I can!

I’m Laura, and I’ve been helping people sell their online services, packages, programmes, courses, masterminds and memberships for more than 7 years.

I’ve noticed that these business owners face a difficult, but not insurmountable, challenge.

They need to persuade their online audience to read, click, subscribe and buy because the success of their business depends on those actions.

But, their business also depends on building good relationships with their clients, so that they’ll become repeat buyers, and make word of mouth referrals.

So, totally understandably, they’re reluctant to be too salesy.

They’re worried they’ll come off as a Bombastic Bully, push too hard for the sale, and make people unsubscribe, block and digitally run away.

Instead, they end up Humble-Mumbling about what they offer, mentioning the benefits so timidly, their online audience can barely hear them.

The Persuasion Power-Ups - a suite of seven strategies you can use as much or as little as you like…

…to help you find a comfortable, effective middle ground - so you can be persuasive in a way that feels good for you and your audience.

They’re based on 20 years of marketing and communications experience, plus thousands of pounds and a handful of years spent on my business and marketing education:

BSc Hons Business Management from King’s College, London (First Class - I know you didn’t ask, but I’m telling you anyway - first flipping class)

Level 4 Award in Direct and Digital Marketing from the Institute of Digital Marketing

Level 4 Diploma in Copywriting from College of Media and Publishing

Level 5 Advanced Certificate in Digital Copywriting from the Institute of Digital Marketing (yes I do feel a little robbed that is called a ‘Certificate’ when it was so flipping hard and expensive to do)

The Persuasion Power-Ups work for all call-to-action requests, whether you want the prospect to…

🛑 Stop scrolling and read your post

📧 Love a subject line and open your email

👆 Read the content and click a link

📩 Fill out an opt-in form and subscribe to your email list

🗓️ Book a call

📑Download a brochure

🛒 Buy your thing

You can use the Persuasion Power-Ups to help you get more followers, subscribers and sales, in a way that feels good to you and them.

The Persuasion Power-Ups Course Will:

Teach you how each persuasion strategy helps your prospect make an Aligned Next Steps Decision (so you can sell in a way that feels good for you and them).

Show you 3-7 techniques for each strategy with real-life examples (screenshot from the best website pages and social media content I could find).

Help you apply each Persuasion Power-Up to your chosen Makeover Material (one of your existing sales pages or opt-in pages that will be getting a persuasion-upgrade as you take the course).

Help you make every piece of marketing content or sales copy work harder for your business by being more persuasive, effective and impactful.

Persuasion Power-Ups Pathway

Step 1: Let’s make our introductions

📽️ Format:
Multiple bite-sized videos with captions, plus text version of key points

⏱️ Total Time:
Approx 30mins

🎓 Content:

  • Hello from me
  • How to get the most from the course
  • The Aligned Persuasion Method explained
  • Quick tour of the Persuasion Power-Ups and the role they play in the Aligned Persuasion Method

Step 2: Select your Makeover Material

To help you understand, remember and implement the course content, you’ll apply what you learn as you progress through each module. Choose a sales page or opt-in page that’s in need of a persuasion makeover. At the end of each module there are instructions on how to apply what you’ve just learned, so you can upgrade your Makeover Material one Power-Up at a time.

Step 3: The 7 Power-Ups

📽️ Format:
7 different units (one per Power-Up) each with multiple bite-sized videos with captions, plus text version of key points.

⏱️ Total Time:
7 x 15-20 minutes (approx 2 hours in total) - can be watched in multiple sittings

🎓 Content:
I’ll walk you through one Power-Up at a time, and for each one I’ll:

  • Explain how it can help you be more persuasive
  • Give you multiple ideas on how you can put it into action, with real-life examples screenshot from excellent sales pages
  • Ask you questions to help you apply that Power-Up to your Makeover Material

Step 4: Smart Ways To Use Testimonials

📽️ Format:
One video with captions, plus text version of key points

⏱️ Total Time:
20 minutes

🎓 Content:
You already know social proof is important - now I’ll explain why, with examples of testimonials being used to implement each of the persuasion strategies, so you can:

  • Ask the right questions when collecting feedback
  • Know which sections of your testimonials will be most appealing to future prospects and why
  • Choose which testimonials to use and where in your sales funnel or marketing they will be most effective

Step 5: Your New Way Of Life

📽️ Format:
Video with captions, plus text version of key points

⏱️ Total Time:
10 minutes

🎓 Content:
Next steps to help you make use of the Persuasion Power-Ups to get more clicks, subscribers, followers and sales.

📃 Printable cheatsheet:
Cheatsheet to remind you of the Power-Ups and ideas for implementing them, so it’s easy to make your existing, or new, marketing content, website content and sales funnels more persuasive.

Step 6: Feedback for us both

  • Send me your Makeover Material and I’ll get back to you with my honest, constructive feedback on what I love and ideas for improvement (Feedback is available on one opt-in page or sales page only)
  • Plus I’d love your feedback on your experience with the Persuasion Power-Ups

Step 7: Enjoy your newly acquired mastery of persuasion

The way you feel about being ‘salesy’ has changed forever. You’ll grow ever more comfortable with being persuasive, and enjoy marketing, promoting and selling in a way that works AND feels good to you and your audience.

Inside Persuasion Power-Ups


Each lesson includes:

✓ A video

✓ With captions

✓ Text version of the key points

You’ll have access to the course material for the lifetime of my business, which I’m hopeful will be a really long time (and is definitely at least 12 months).

Getting Support

This is a self-study course, so you’re expected to consume and apply the course material at your own pace, relying on your own motivation. I’m confident that the desire to design your own persuasive style will be enough to pull you through.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll be doing this completely solo.

To get your questions answered, seek clarification, and share your insights you can:

Message me using the pop-up in the course platform

Bonus: The Worditude Alliance

Join my client and student only Facebook group where you can share your experience, request feedback and ask questions, to get input from fellow students.

PLUS - Feedback Bonus worth £197

Throughout the course you will be working on making one piece of copy more persuasive, so you’re applying the strategies, not just learning about them. When you’ve completed the course, you’re welcome to send that piece of copy to me for feedback (works best if it’s an opt-in page or a sales page). This is for one piece of copy only and your feedback request must be made within 12 weeks of buying the course (so you get on and use it).

Is Persuasion Power-Ups Right For You Right Now?

You will get maximum benefit from this course if:

Your business is based on selling your expertise/coaching online as 1-1 services, programmes, packages, courses, masterminds and memberships - If that’s not your business model, you’ll still learn plenty from the course, and be able to apply it, but I have created the materials specifically with expertise-based businesses in mind.

You already have at least one service, programme, package, course, mastermind or membership to sell - Yes, the Persuasion Power-Ups will work to build your online audience and email list, but you’ll get your investment back quickest if you can use what you learn to sell your thing right away.

You will be creating your own social media content, marketing emails, blog posts, website content, sales pages and/or sales funnels - If you plan to outsource everything, then the course will help you understand what your copywriter is doing and why, but you’ll develop your persuasion skills more quickly if you have regular opportunities to try them out by creating your own content.

Persuasion Power-Ups isn’t for you if:

You’re brand new to business, cash-strapped and looking for instant sales - Your time, energy and money would be better invested in creating an offer people can buy, and telling people about it.

You’re looking for plug-and-play templates for your online content - Those are not included in this course.

You just want someone to tell you what to do, rather than understanding why things work, weighing up the options, and making decisions tailored to you and your audience.

Are you eager to write headlines that make people stop and read, subject lines that get your emails opened, opt-in pages that bring in more subscribers and sales pages that make you more money…

…while persuading in a way that feels true to yourself, aligned with the way you want to run your business, and enhances the relationships you have with your prospects and clients.

Ready to cast aside your Humble-Mumbling ways and boldly lead your prospects through the sales journey, without accidentally becoming a Bombastic Bully?

£497  £347

or 3 x £117

What’s The Return On Investment?

I can’t do the maths for you, and I’m certainly not making any financial promises.

The return you get from this course will depend on how willing you are to drop your Humble-Mumbler tendencies, and apply at least one or two persuasion strategies to your marketing material, funnels and sales pages (and the more strategies you use, the more persuasive you’ll be).

So put down your calculator, and tap into your imagination.

How would you, your business and your audience/clients benefit if you could:

Get more subscribers by improving the conversion rate of your opt-in offers by just a few percent

Write subject lines that increased the open rate of your marketing emails by just a few percent

Write marketing emails so engaging and effective you increased your click through rate by just a few percent

Create social media content that stopped just a few more people mid-scroll and got their attention so your reach and engagement stats improve by just a few percent

Improve your lead generation and sales pages to up their conversion rates by… yep just a few percent.

And maybe it won’t just be a few percent.

Maybe it’ll be a 10% improvement?

Or more?

I don’t know, and I can’t promise.

But I can ask you to take an educated guess based on how persuasive you feel your material is now, and how much scope for improvement there is.

Before you spend money on ads to get in front of people…

Before you invest hours creating more content…

Before you try dropping the price, or creating a new offer…

…consider the impact you could have if your existing sales pages and marketing material were more effective for the audience you already have.

Does that sound like a good use of your time and money?

Worditude 30-day Money Back Guarantee

The 30-days start when you get access to the course material.

If you complete the course and don’t feel like the insights you’ve gained are worth what you’ve paid, email me at and I’ll give you a full refund (and revoke access to the course).

I will politely ask you some questions, because your feedback will help me make the course better, and/or improve the targeting of the sales page (but you don’t have to answer them to get your refund).

£497  £347

or 3 x £117

Kind words from Persuasion Power-Ups Students


What impact do you think this course has had on you and your business?

This course has definitely changed my mindset so when I’m writing about my business in the future I’ll be thinking less about myself and more about who’s going to be reading, and what will persuade them to bite!


If a friend was thinking of buying this course, and they asked for your opinion, what would you tell them?

I’d let them know that it worked for me because I like the format. It was easy to navigate that there’s a nice mix of video content where you talk through the power-ups and there’s written material plus links to examples. So you’ll come away with a very clear understanding of how to be more persuasive.


What impact do you think this course has had on you and your business?

It was something that I feel has been holding me back for a long time from selling my offers but with your techniques I know it will help me no end. Less overthinking and feeling more confident that my sales pages will be working for me, feels so good! I am genuinely excited to be upgrading my existing ones and getting my new offers out there. Also, that it is possible and it isn’t some sort of ‘dark art’ that I will never grasp. It seems so much more achievable now.


How long will I have access to the course material?

Indefinitely. You have access to the course material for the lifetime of my business, which I hope will be many years. If I did need to wrap things up for whatever reason that I can’t foresee right now, I would give you many weeks notice so you could download the materials, or potentially move them to a secure folder where you can continue to access them.

I already own Copywriting Power-ups, do I need to buy this too?

Nope. This is a vastly upgraded version of that course, but the core 7 Power-Ups are the same, so you’ll get access to the new version at no extra charge.

How is this different from your other courses?

I don’t cover these persuasion strategies in any of my other courses. And they can be applied any time you present a call-to-action to a prospect - it’s not just for sales pages. Social posts, ads, marketing emails, brochures, blog posts, podcast teasers, opt-in pages…. even an email sent to one single person in response to an enquiry form… these would all benefit from a sprinkling of Persuasion Power-Ups.

I’m not good at writing copy or being salesy or saying nice things about myself/my business/my offers - will this work for me?

I made it FOR you. 100% for you. People who are naturally and comfortably self-promotional, bashing out their own sales pages with ease - they are already applying these persuasion strategies, but usually they don’t know it. It just comes naturally to them - lucky ducks! And they probably aren’t interested in buying my course (unless, like me, they love to geek out about WHY the things they do work the way they do).

Does this Aligned Persuasion Method work? Can the Persuasion Power-ups be effective without me having to be a pushy-salesy-slimeball?


This is the approach I used when writing sales pages for my clients.

Many of those pages have contributed to £10k+ launches, then been used in future launches to replicate and improve those results over and over again……some of those sales pages created £10k+ per month recurring revenue.

But I can see that ‘strong’ pushy sales tactics work - why shouldn’t I use those?

I am not here to convince you about that. If that’s what you want to do, then crack on.

This course is for the people who don’t feel comfortable using that style of persuasion, and as a result they are going too far in the other direction, Humble-Mumbling, which means they are helping fewer people, making a smaller impact, and making less money than they could be.

There are people out there teaching persuasion who make a lot more money than me, and make much bigger promises than I do. But if you don’t like the tactics they use to get you to buy the course, then you’re probably not going to love what they teach inside that course, AND you’re probably going to struggle to apply that in your own business. So yes, their persuasion style does help make them rich, but it’s not going to help you grow your business.

If you do like my way of selling, then climb aboard. I’ve got a ton I can teach you - plus you control how ‘loudly’ you apply each of the Power-Ups to each piece of marketing or sales material, so you can be as persuasive as you are comfortable with, and gently increase that level as and when you want to stretch yourself.

I’m a copywriter / social media manager / VA / someone who creates content - can I use the Persuasion Power-Ups with my clients?

Yes, you can apply what you learn whenever you are working with your clients - and it’ll help you be a whole lot better at your work.

If you’d like your clients to learn about the Persuasion Power-Ups themselves, then you can become an affiliate and send them your affiliate link to the course.

I’ve still got questions, what do I do?

Email me at, or click the little chat icon in the bottom right.

By the end of this course you will:

Have completed a persuasion makeover on an opt-in page or sales page to make it more effective - and YES I’d love you to share it with me, and I’m happy to provide feedback if that would be helpful to you.

Be able to analyse any piece of copy you find online, so you can breakdown what works and why - your social media scroll will become a daily lesson in persuasiveness.

Have the skills, knowledge and prompts to use the 7 Persuasion Power-ups to make any piece of marketing content or sales copy more effective.

£497  £347

or 3 x £117