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You can write your own powerfully persuasive, personality-packed, online copy that converts strangers into superfans - let me help you with that.

Hi, I’m Laura, a mum to two home-educated, neurodivergent teenage boys (The Sons). I’m also a digital copywriter with more than 18 years of experience in marketing. I’ve written more than a million words of online copy for 100s of businesses and coached 1000s of business owners so they can more confidently write their own successful online copy.

I’ve created masterclasses for the Female Entrepreneur Association, Enterprise Nation, Membership Academy and more, spoken at events (online and in the actual real world), been featured in books. I LOVE helping other business owners rediscover a joy for writing (which was usually squashed in their school days) so they can build relationships with their ideal people using the words on their website, emails and social media.

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From cubicle prisoner in a financial services company, to freelancer writer working for pennies - now I’m a copywriting coach.

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