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Hi, I’m Laura, and I’m obsessed with getting your website copy and sales funnels to work as efficiently and effectively as possible for your business, so you can spend less time and energy hunting for clients. Over the last 10 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses ranging from brand new start-ups to established enterprises making five and six-figure monthly revenues.

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Sleaze-free selling – Getting the balance between persuasive and pushy

Sleaze-free selling – Getting the balance between persuasive and pushy

Worried you come across as sleazy when you’re trying to sell? Writing your own sales page is a delicate balance between too pushy and being too humble. These copywriting tips for small business will help you write persuasive content, including sales pages, that leave you and your audience feeling good.

Please Don’t We On Your Website

Please Don’t We On Your Website

Working solo, yet claiming to be a ‘we’? Here’s why you need to stop doing that – right now! And what you should be doing instead.