Why is this thing not selling?

Have you got a thing that you KNOW is pretty dang awesome and has the potential to create massive benefits… if only your audience would bloody buy it!

Gah - all that wasted potential.

Let’s fix that.

Here are three possible scenarios

And what you can do if that’s the situation you’re in.

#1 Are you in the middle of a launch, and have seen some good sales initially but you’re now getting zippetty-zilch?

Go read this post on the mid-launch lull.

#2 Have you been selling this thing for a little while, or had one/two successful launches with it, and now it’s struggling?

The good news is, it looks like you’ve created something that people want.

The bad news is maybe you’ve overfished the lake. Everyone in your audience who was going to buy it, has already bought it. For new sales you’ll need new eyeballs on the sales page. Sure some people will buy after a longer warm-up, but it might also be time to create a freebie, or free content that will start attracting new people into your world - who will then be a good match for your paid offer.

#3 Has it never been a good seller?

There are sooooooo many components to a successful sales funnel, and just like an electrical circuit, if just one is faulty, the whole thing doesn’t work. This can leave you feeling like an abject falure, when actually 80% of the work is done, and done right. So take a wander though this checklist to see if any of these could apply to you:

a) You’ve created something you know people need, rather than something they want to buy.

We’ve all been there (yes, even me). We know the medicine they need to take, persuading them to take it is going to take more than a song about a spoonful of sugar. Figuring out how to present your solution as something they desire is an art form. You can borrow this Easier Yes lesson to get some help with that.

b) You’re asking for the wrong call-to-action on your sales page

Maybe you’re asking people to buy off the page for a high-ticket item, and they’d rather have the reassurance of an application form or a call with you. Or maybe you’re asking them to book in for a call without revealing the price. If there is any friction or confusion at the end of the page, you can scupper the success of an otherwise brilliant sales page. Here’s an epic (and free) guide to creating a compelling call-to-action.

c) Your sales page isn’t working hard enough

You know everything about what’s on the other side of that checkout page (or invoice) and they know nothing at all. Is there a chance you’re underrepresenting the magnificence of what’s available to them? This free Sales Page Template can help with that.

Other things that might help you:

Conversion Crushers

The five most common sales-sabotaging mistakes I find when I’m asked to rescue a failing launch / sales funnel / website

Virtual Day with Laura

A very good option here. I’ll review what you’ve got, we can talk through what you do and don’t love about the offer and the sales funnel, and make a plan. Then throughout the day, you work on updating the offer, sales page, and accompanying marketing content, and I’m on hand to answer questions, make suggestions and give feedback.

Copy Consult

I’ll review your website or sales funnel and record a video with actionable ideas to help you improve the conversion