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On the Internet that is deep commitment.

Thank you so much.

If you haven’t been reading my emails for a while (and I’ve been pretty slapdash about sending them out, so my bad), there’s a few changes you may have missed.

Firstly, yep, this is a different website address. I’ve made the move, ditched the and recognized the fabulous international audience I now have - something which I didn’t anticipate at all when I started up this little copywriting business.

Secondly, I’m not selling copywriting services anymore. Due to popular demand (aka relentless nagging from business friends), my copywriting know-how is now available via a series of courses that help entrepreneurs write their own website content.

To help you kick-start your content creation, I’ve herded together my best freebies.

Click, explore, download, use, enjoy.

Year's Supply Of Blog Post Ideas

Wondering what to write on your business blog? Get the free guide to generate 50+ ideas.

Guide To Irresistible Website Content

You are just 10 steps away from having website content that attracts all the right people.

8 Printable Inspirational Quotes

Surround yourself with words of wisdom - download and print these 8 inspirational quote pictures.

Ready To Launch?

Release your new product/package/service with a whoop-whoop not a whimper. Get your free launch guide here.

Website Content Checklist

Simple, printable one-pager to help you check your website content has everything you need to turn strangers into superfans.

And if you want to hang out with me plus a small, but growing tribe, of business-builders honing their copywriting skills, come and join us in the Write With Worditude Facebook group. See you there.