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The Humble-Mumble Cure

Confidently promote your online service and products without feeling like a boastalicious sleazy slime-bag

You’re mumbling so quietly about your services and online products, the people that need them don’t even know they exist.

There are so many people out there willing to pay for your knowledge and expertise, to hire you for your 1-1 services, or buy your course or program, or join your membership.

And their lives would be so much better if they did.

But they can’t.

Because you’re making it really hard for them to buy from you.

You’re too humble about yourself, and your offers.

And eventually, someone louder, with more confidence will comes along and sells their things to those people.

Then you’re left feeling dejected and rejected, wondering why that other business got the sale and not you.

And that knocks your confidence.

Which makes it harder for you to be salesy or self-promotional.

So you get even queiter.

Only you can break that pattern.

I’m a natural humble-mumbler myself, so this training was written with a shirt-ton of compassion and a fork-load of personal experience.

Inside The Humble-Mumble Cure

How humble-mumbling might be showing up in, and impacting your business
at 0m 34s

Six causes of self-inflicted sales sabotage
at 2 mins

Why never getting a Mr Frosty for Christmas has made me reluctant to go all-in with my sales efforts
at 5 mins ⛄⛄⛄

Why over-coming humble-mumbling is essential for the success of your business
at 14 mins

5 changes you can make to overcome your humble-mumbling tendencies
at 15 mins

How burning the toast (and other domestic-related mishaps) impacts my sales
at 18 mins

Available as

28 minute video (with speed controller option so you can speed me up or slow me down, and captions)


PDF if you prefer to read (or want to read-along)