Marketing Messaging Demystified

A simple lesson on what messaging is and how getting it right leads to more (and easier) sales.

For people who sell their expertise online as services, courses, memberships, masterminds and programmes.

Side note: When I say ‘Messages’, I mean the themes, concepts, topics, ideas you are communicating to your online audience… NOT PMs, DMs, texts, semaphore or Morse code.

Value Propositions 😵

Brand Promises 😕

Positioning Statements 🤯

You do not need any of that guff!

Messaging doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective.

You are doing it all the time, whether you intend to or not.

And when you do get intentional about it, and create messages you’d like to communicate on-purpose, you can make your prospect’s journey from total stranger to paying client super-smooth and ultra-speedy.

But there’s also a chance that the marketing content you’re putting out right now is conveying mixed, confused, or contradictory messages that are making it harder for people to know, like, trust and buy.

Want to learn more about that?

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