6 weeks of marketing mentoring with Laura

Get confident and comfortable with creating, communicating and selling your online offers

You have skills, abilities, knowledge, talents, expertise that other people want to make use of, or learn for themselves
You’ve figured out how to monetize your genius and sell it as 1-1 services, programmes, courses, memberships, so that instead of the secure but rigid life of an employee, you can enjoy the freedom, excitement (and occasional abject terror) of being your own boss
You sell these offers (the ones based on your genius) to other humans (or maybe teeny tiny businesses, but not corporates…that is not my bag).

Short pause to celebrate how fabulous that is, how far you’ve come, and how damn proud of yourself you’re feeling right now

But oh my goodness, the inside of your brain is a noisy place, jam-packed with:

Ideas for new things you’d love to sell

Worries about things that aren’t selling as well as you’d like

Insights into what works for you and your audience

Techniques, tactic and strategies other people have said you ‘should’ do (whether you asked for their input or not)

Questions, curiosity, and maybe even a sense of obligation about webinars, free challenges, lead magnets, blog posts, Reels, evergreen funnels, big loud launches, blog posts, podcasts, summits, bundles, collaborations 🤯🤯🤯

No wonder it’s so hard to make a decision, commit to it, and take action without second-guessing, doubling back, and doubting yourself

“Working with Laura is exactly what I need; I’ve got a mentor, friend, and expert marketer all in one place.”

Ruth Gilbey

“I feel (for the first time ever I think) like I’m in control and looking forward to the next year in biz instead of feeling like I’m always one step behind and on permanent catch-up!”

Claire Addiscott

”I really think this is the first time I’ve felt truly supported in my business.”

Jackie Williams

Join me for 6 weeks of marketing mentoring and we’ll turn all that brain noise into clarity, confidence and action-taking so you can more easily create, promote and sell your online offers


or 2 x £299

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I'm only half way through your first message and already thinking that you need some kind of award for taking the mess that's in my brain and making it all so clear (and strategically brilliant!).
I love that I started these mentoring sessions with three businesses I felt Meh about and now I'm looking at my Notion excited that I have three businesses I'm excited about and are all moving forwards - progress!!!